As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, love is in the air all around us. However, when it comes to loving marketing, some of us are hesitant to put our hearts out there. Some have been burned by their “ex” marketing firm, vowing to never love again. Others may have never given marketing a chance due to skepticism or perceived high maintenance.

If you’ve marketed and lost, or never marketed at all, here are three reasons why you should fall {back} in love with marketing.


1) Marketing is Affectionate

Just like an amazing significant other takes care of you in a relationship, marketing can sweep you off your feet. Instead of bringing you flowers and chocolates, marketing will bring you gifts like highly qualified leads, a new website, search engine optimization, press releases, newsletter creation and delivery, direct mail pieces, social media management, and more. Even better, if you fall in love with outsourced marketing, companies never have to worry about doing their own advertising or marketing. Each month these deliverables are customized for your business to ensure your company’s success. And the best part is, you never even have to lift a finger. What’s not to love?


2) Marketing is Best Friends with Leads

Everyone knows it’s important to get along with your significant other’s friends. You’re in luck because leads are marketing’s best friends. But not just any old leads… Qualified leads. Marketing will introduce you to leads that can benefit directly from your business. Now, have you ever met a lead you didn’t get along with? All the campaign elements mentioned earlier are then created and executed to help “introduce you” to leads, thus making it easier to convert them into new customers.


3) Marketing is Your Arm Candy

Looks may not be everything, but we all know how important it is to make a great first impression. Many times in the business world, we only get one chance to make a potential client fall in love. Marketing is like arm candy that ensures you look the part. It helps you polish your image so you always look professional and appealing to potential new clients, as well as existing customers. How will marketing help you achieve this look? Marketing can help by rebranding your company with a new logo/tagline and website, customizing your proposals and contracts so they look organized and qualified, collateral that make you’re a cut above the rest, offering training material that teaches you how to close the deal, and so much more. Marketing helps ensure your potential and existing customers are never “the one{s} that got away.”

If you’ve been let down by a marketing firm in the past or never used one at all, we understand that it can be hard to trust an outside source with such important aspects of your business. However, there are so many advantages to marketing that can help benefit your business, so we encourage you to put yourself back out there. There are many {marketing firm} fish in the sea, but Marketopia would love to be your Valentine this year and for many years to come!