Finding Leads when Conferences Get Canceled

Finding Leads when Conferences Get Canceled

It’s conference season, which means most vendors are counting on a huge influx of leads from industry conferences. Unfortunately, it’s also flu—and now coronavirus—season, which means conferences all over the world are closing their doors to check the spread of germs. So, what does that mean for the leads you were counting on from your events? To keep your pipeline intact, you’re going to have to reshuffle your lead-generation plans quickly.

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Let’s start by looking at what you’ve already done to prepare for the event. If you’re doing things right, you’ve already put a lot of effort into your events pipeline. You’ve also invested serious money, but we’ll talk about that later. Here are three things you should already have taken care of, and if you haven’t, here are three things you should do right now.

1.Make Your List – make sure you know who would have been at the conference and that you have a prioritized list of who to make contact with.

2. Do Your Homework – do some research, especially when it comes to the top contacts on your list. You should know enough to be able to hold a relevant, engaging conversation with them that includes personal details you can find on their social accounts. Think of things like what teams they’re rooting for, what school they went to or any interests you might share.

3. Start Your Outreach – if you were going to the event, hopefully you’ve already started the conversation with your top contacts, so this will just be about adjusting the message to say you’re sorry you’ll be missing out on the in-person meeting, but excited to keep chatting about the possibilities. Set up a video call to keep the in-person feel as much as possible.


Adjust Your Approach

Now that you’ve got a plan in place for keeping the conversation going with your ideal contacts, it’s time to consider all of those leads you didn’t have on a list but knew you’d bring home from your event. You can’t just start reaching out to random event attendees, so now what?

Let’s take a look at the funds you set aside for travel, food and other expenses at the event. Repurposing those funds to a targeted marketing effort that focuses on those same attendees and others with similar profiles could be the key to unlocking a whole new set of leads for your business. Paid social media advertising, targeted email campaigns and even direct mail can be great ways to attract this same set of contacts (and even more who might not have planned to attend but have the same pain points) and replace those lost leads.


Frame Your Focus

When it comes to reaching out to these new potential leads, this is your opportunity to focus on them. Move from vendor to partner by leading with their pain points and make it clear that you not only understand them clearly but have a simple solution. Need a helping hand when it comes to establishing your message, getting the campaigns out and routing the leads when they start flowing? That’s where the Marketopia team comes in.

Get in touch with Marketopia’s expert lead generation team today and see how we can help you start bringing in more leads, more sales and more profit now.


3 Ways to Keep Your Business Healthy in a Pandemic

3 Ways to Keep Your Business Healthy in a Pandemic

Your clients look to you to keep their businesses and data carefully protected no matter what they’re up against. So, when a disaster strikes that changes everything—from canceling industry events to closing down entire school districts—your clients are going to turn to you for support. In situations like this, they’ll be looking for three major sources of support: backup and disaster recovery, business continuity and remote access.

Amp Up Your Incoming Leads with The Lead Generators™

Let’s look at each one of these services in more detail to dive deeper into how you can reassure your clients you’ve got their back in tough times.


1. Backup & Disaster Recovery

If your clients aren’t already using your backup & disaster recovery solutions, now is the time to help them understand the importance of this kind of protection. Not only can you offer the solutions themselves, but you can also help them with immediate and long-term planning to build out a roadmap for their business protection. According to Ponemon, 39% of SMBs don’t have a plan in place. Don’t let your clients be a part of that statistic and put their business success at risk.


2. Business Continuity

11.4% of companies don’t have the internal resources to devote to business continuity, and another 13.6% don’t have buy-in from leadership, according to Continuity Central. Helping your clients create and implement their business continuity strategies means you’ll be shouldering the burden in terms of resources on behalf of your clients and delivering incredible value for their businesses.


3. Remote Access

As schools and businesses close in cities all over the country and local healthcare workers are asking for voluntary isolation, your clients are facing the very real possibility that their workforce might not be able to come in to work. Not only can you reassure them that you can keep them running thanks to remote monitoring and management, but you can also help make sure they have the right collaboration and device management solutions to enable remote work in case of a crisis.

Worried that your clients aren’t getting the message about how important these solutions are? Concerned that your clients and prospects don’t even know you offer this kind of support? That’s where our full marketing agency comes in, offering everything from print campaigns to email and social media plans to make sure your audience knows exactly what value you bring to the table.

Get in touch with Marketopia’s expert lead generation team today and see how we can help you spread the word about all of the ways you’re helping your clients grow.


Understanding & Managing Multiple Channel Partner Models

Understanding & Managing Multiple Channel Partner Models

Being a great account manager used to be about managing your resellers and systems integrators alone. Today, your partners don’t fall cleanly into those neat boxes. Instead, every one of them is operating as a complicated puzzle – a few pieces of MSP, a section of VAR, a corner of CSP, an edge of consultant and so much more. To become an evolved channel account manager (CAM) who truly fulfills all of their needs, you need to master the nuanced options for channel partner models so that you can deliver the guidance and expertise to allow your partners to grow faster.

You took the time to master your vendor lanes of distribution and better understand your partner. But that only breaks the surface level of becoming an evolved channel account manager (CAM). In this blog, we’ll help you take the next steps toward CAM enlightenment with smart ways to manage multiple channel partner models and get to the root of each partner’s concerns.

Become A Better Channel Account Manager

Model Structure

The first step to take a deep dive into the kind of business each of your partners is running. This is your opportunity to figure out the components of their business, the specific combination of services and target audiences that will be the key to unlocking their pain points. Once you have a clear understanding of your partners’ business foundation, you’ll be able to start outlining their immediate and long-term goals and co-producing game plans to achieve those goals.


Mastering Management & Understanding

The next step is keeping in mind how you first formed your partnership – through understanding and proper management. As a CAM, your job is to mature your partners’ businesses and introduce them to knowledge, people and companies that can help them grow at or ahead of their goal rate. That means really digging deep into what they want to achieve and helping them understand the best ways to make that happen.


Agility vs. Ease

Now you’re facing a challenge. To keep things easy, you’ll want to be prepared to service clean categories of partners with specific solutions that speak to each type of partner. But then you’ll be losing out on the agility that your partners are counting on to support their increasingly complex businesses. Success here lies in finding the balance that works best for you and your partners, offering enough complexity to meet their needs without overextending your support capabilities.


Building Relationships

Being an evolved CAM will help you become the guiding light each of your partners need. As a vendor, when you work with a partner like Marketopia, you don’t have to spend your time training and creating lead generation for your own partners – you let us handle it. Give your partners more motivation and confidence to do more themselves by weaning them off reliance on you. If you want a partner to help you become the best CAM you can be, get in touch with Marketopia today and see how we can help you meet your goals.


4 Ways Outbound Marketing Can Help You in the New Year 

4 Ways Outbound Marketing Can Help You in the New Year 

It’s 2020, and everyone knows inbound marketing campaigns are here to stay. But neglecting outbound marketing campaigns is the easiest way to leave money on the table when it comes to closing deals, and industry leaders are taking note.

Fortunately, outbound marketing services have evolved alongside technology, and the channel’s top businesses know how to take advantage of these developments.

Marketers are no longer relegated to bombarding the masses with irrelevant(and often ignored) ads on billboards or commercials. Instead, nuanced messages are reaching primary prospects via other channels, allowing appointment setters, speakers, and companies to connect with consumers in a more meaningful way than ever before.

 Outsource Your Outbound Marketing Needs

Tech-savvy businesses are learning to target their desired audiences using highly specific messages, in part because of the digital receipts we leave on a daily basis. This data enables marketers to supplement their digital marketing campaigns with traditional strategies, with the two strategies working in tandem to close deals and improve your bottom line.

In this blog, we’ll explore how you can use the latest outbound marketing tools to secure clients, increase revenue and scale your business in the new year.


What is Outbound Marketing?

Outbound marketing involves direct communication between your business and your potential prospects. Yes, developing leads via content marketing is critical, but following up with traditional modes of person-to-person communication minimizes the risk of customers being lost in a sea of videos, webinars and podcasts.

The easiest way to watch your business grow via lead generation is by supplementing the latest inbound marketing strategies with tried-and-true outbound techniques.


Appointment Setting

Never underestimate the power of interpersonal communication—even in the digital age. For those times when you can’t connect with prospects face-to-face, outbound calling is key. In fact, industry thought leaders believe that the outbound call is perhaps the final and most important step in B2B outbound marketing campaigns. Roughly 90% of leads can be generated through these interactions, so ignoring them should not be an option. Hiring tenacious and productive employees ensures your person-to-person contact has a human touch—which is exactly what you need to do to take your business to the next level.


Speaking Engagements

Everyone knows that delivering a message in person can have a huge impact on how your marketing team attracts and delights audience. Landing a speaking engagement can be a huge opportunity for your brand, but you could be missing out on important leads if you don’t follow through with these contacts. Getting people’s attention is only the first step. To convert these leads into customers, you must continue to communicate with them long after the event concludes. Outbound marketing practices can inform prospects about events and encourage them to register and attend—but targeted post-event communication is the best way to convert these warm leads into your newest clients.


Targeted Paid Ads

Inbound marketing strategies are great for those who are already searching for information, services and products online, but the benefits of digital marketing extend beyond that. Metadata allows companies to continually collect information about consumer preferences and habits, enabling the best organizations to design more effective and relevant outbound messages. Developing highly targeted ads, videos, direct mailers and newsletters may be expensive, but it can improve the odds of your company finding the right prospects at the right time and via the right channel.


Personalized Messages

The cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign is the cultivation of a personal and authentic voice that your brand can use to turn leads into clients or customers. Outbound marketing services facilitate the delivery of your carefully crafted messages and emails by endowing them with a human touch. Personalized scripts can help outbound marketing campaigns by empowering a calling team to be more profitable.


Outbound Marketing and ROI

Inbound marketing services like content creation may be cheaper to outsource than, say, appointment setting, but at what cost? Striking a balance between the two approaches is the best way to generate leads and secure new clients.


How Marketopia Can Help

Contact us today to learn more about how we can take care of your outbound needs. Doing so will free up time to stay focused on your business’s primary mission.

You might be wondering how outbound marketing techniques could help you and your team break records and reach new heights. Like anything in the professional realm, not all outbound campaigns are created equally. Hiring quality staff is the only way to guarantee that your needs are met.

You don’t have to go it alone.

Our expert appointment setters are trained to turn warm leads into sales, content into conversions and prospects into clients. Contact us today  to learn more about how our vision for your success can become a reality.