It’s conference season, which means most vendors are counting on a huge influx of leads from industry conferences. Unfortunately, it’s also flu—and now coronavirus—season, which means conferences all over the world are closing their doors to check the spread of germs. So, what does that mean for the leads you were counting on from your events? To keep your pipeline intact, you’re going to have to reshuffle your lead-generation plans quickly.

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Let’s start by looking at what you’ve already done to prepare for the event. If you’re doing things right, you’ve already put a lot of effort into your events pipeline. You’ve also invested serious money, but we’ll talk about that later. Here are three things you should already have taken care of, and if you haven’t, here are three things you should do right now.

1.Make Your List – make sure you know who would have been at the conference and that you have a prioritized list of who to make contact with.

2. Do Your Homework – do some research, especially when it comes to the top contacts on your list. You should know enough to be able to hold a relevant, engaging conversation with them that includes personal details you can find on their social accounts. Think of things like what teams they’re rooting for, what school they went to or any interests you might share.

3. Start Your Outreach – if you were going to the event, hopefully you’ve already started the conversation with your top contacts, so this will just be about adjusting the message to say you’re sorry you’ll be missing out on the in-person meeting, but excited to keep chatting about the possibilities. Set up a video call to keep the in-person feel as much as possible.


Adjust Your Approach

Now that you’ve got a plan in place for keeping the conversation going with your ideal contacts, it’s time to consider all of those leads you didn’t have on a list but knew you’d bring home from your event. You can’t just start reaching out to random event attendees, so now what?

Let’s take a look at the funds you set aside for travel, food and other expenses at the event. Repurposing those funds to a targeted marketing effort that focuses on those same attendees and others with similar profiles could be the key to unlocking a whole new set of leads for your business. Paid social media advertising, targeted email campaigns and even direct mail can be great ways to attract this same set of contacts (and even more who might not have planned to attend but have the same pain points) and replace those lost leads.


Frame Your Focus

When it comes to reaching out to these new potential leads, this is your opportunity to focus on them. Move from vendor to partner by leading with their pain points and make it clear that you not only understand them clearly but have a simple solution. Need a helping hand when it comes to establishing your message, getting the campaigns out and routing the leads when they start flowing? That’s where the Marketopia team comes in.

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