Your clients look to you to keep their businesses and data carefully protected no matter what they’re up against. So, when a disaster strikes that changes everything—from canceling industry events to closing down entire school districts—your clients are going to turn to you for support. In situations like this, they’ll be looking for three major sources of support: backup and disaster recovery, business continuity and remote access.

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Let’s look at each one of these services in more detail to dive deeper into how you can reassure your clients you’ve got their back in tough times.


1. Backup & Disaster Recovery

If your clients aren’t already using your backup & disaster recovery solutions, now is the time to help them understand the importance of this kind of protection. Not only can you offer the solutions themselves, but you can also help them with immediate and long-term planning to build out a roadmap for their business protection. According to Ponemon, 39% of SMBs don’t have a plan in place. Don’t let your clients be a part of that statistic and put their business success at risk.


2. Business Continuity

11.4% of companies don’t have the internal resources to devote to business continuity, and another 13.6% don’t have buy-in from leadership, according to Continuity Central. Helping your clients create and implement their business continuity strategies means you’ll be shouldering the burden in terms of resources on behalf of your clients and delivering incredible value for their businesses.


3. Remote Access

As schools and businesses close in cities all over the country and local healthcare workers are asking for voluntary isolation, your clients are facing the very real possibility that their workforce might not be able to come in to work. Not only can you reassure them that you can keep them running thanks to remote monitoring and management, but you can also help make sure they have the right collaboration and device management solutions to enable remote work in case of a crisis.

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