Cheers to Us! The Marketopia Family Celebrates a Milestone

Cheers to Us! The Marketopia Family Celebrates a Milestone

Last week marked the first-year anniversary of Marketopia!

August 26, 2014. It’s the day we opened our doors for business near downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. It’s the day we brought together our many years of channel IT expertise, channel sales and marketing experience and deep industry relationships. It’s the day we set out to improve – no, catapult to the stars – the businesses of resellers, MSPs, VARs, distributors and technology vendors.

A year later, we are proud of what we’ve accomplished. We’re exuberant about the growth of our clients. We’re excited about the notches in our belt as we’ve tightened our focus to enable us to grow and grow for years to come by helping make a difference for technology companies.

One year is a big milestone for any company. That goes doubly for us, a unique business focused on igniting and launching sales and marketing solutions for IT services firms.

So, we want to share a bit of perspective on what we’ve accomplished during the past 12 months:

  • We were selected and honored as a Worldwide Top Channel Influencer in 2015 by Penton Technology Group’s
  • We were recognized as a prominent Vendor to Watch by The ChannelPro Network.
  • We have appeared and spoken at nearly 60 industry events, reaching more than 25,000 resellers.
  • We have contributed, and continue to do so, to Penton’s IdeaXchange at, and
  • We have launched the 4u2grow international roadshow dedicated to helping MSPs grow.
  • We have added Appointment Setting and Prospect Engagement Consultant teams as part of our sales and marketing services for clients.
  • We have staffed our company team with more than 20 members committed to client success.
  • We have reported 100% company growth during each fiscal quarter.


A whirlwind of a year down the road, we now look back with gratitude to the many that have put their faith in Marketopia. We are proud of what we have been able to do together so far, and are excited about the tremendous growth and change that 2015 has brought for us, our clients and our partners.


Looking Forward to Year #2

It has been a great year, and we have even bigger plans for next year. Enlarging our team to handle even more clients. Expanding our sales and marketing services to keep our reseller and MSP clients growing. Working with technology vendors to develop their channel sales in ways they have never thought of before us. And, much more.

We have learned a lot, heard great feedback from our communities, and remain hard at work every day on fulfilling our mission to become the most trusted sales and marketing IT services agency. We believe now, more than ever, that Marketopia can help transform and evolve IT services firms for the better.

Let’s make this next year even more than last year. Cheers, and happy anniversary to us!


Marketopia Celebrates Explosive First-Year Growth

Marketopia Celebrates Explosive First-Year Growth

IT marketing services agency marks anniversary building exclusive client base, delivering strategic value and elevating managed service providers (MSPs) to capture more leads, close more sales and earn more profit

Marketopia, a specialized provider of powerful demand generation, marketing services, sales solutions and team training for vendors and IT service companies, celebrates a one-year corporate anniversary with strong, inspiring growth as evidenced by its exclusive IT services client base and emerging strategic partnerships across the United States, Canada and Europe.

Thirteen months after the company launch in August 2014, Marketopia continues to grow leveraging strategic partnerships with solutions providers worldwide, while maintaining its core business focus of providing sales and marketing services, training and industry thought leadership to technology vendors, resellers and managed service providers (MSPs) throughout North America.

“It’s been an amazing year of growth for Marketopia and our clients as we persist in revving our company to new heights,” said Andra Hedden, CMO, Marketopia. “Our passion for technology innovation, our deep industry relationships and our sales and marketing intellect allow us to consistently deliver high-end value to the managed services provider, reseller, vendor and VAR communities. We take great pride in helping them transform the way they do business and create significant growth.”

  • During its first year, Marketopia is proud to have achieved milestones that have effectively positioned the company and its clients and partners to experience elevated business development. Select highlights include:
  • Honored as a Worldwide Top Channel Influencer in 2015 by Penton Technology Group’s
  • Appeared and spoke at nearly 60 industry events, reaching more than 25,000 resellers.
  • Contributed to Penton’s IdeaXchange at, and
  • Recognized as a prominent Vendor to Watch by The ChannelPro Network.
  • Launched 4u2grow international roadshow dedicated to helping MSPs grow.
  • Added in-house Appointment Setting and Prospect Engagement Consultant teams as part of its sales and marketing solutions for clients.
  • Staffed with a team of more than 20 members committed to client success.
  • Reported 100% company growth during each fiscal quarter.


“We would like to thank our clients and partners for the success that Marketopia has accomplished during its first year,” said Terry Hedden, CEO, Marketopia. “Our clients’ success is, and will always be, our success. This milestone is a testament to our commitment to sales and marketing innovation, our clients and partners, and the IT services industry. Looking ahead, the future of Marketopia is boundless.”

To commemorate Marketopia’s first corporate anniversary, the IT marketing services agency is offering a complimentary MSP Marketing Assessment. Contact us today to order the assessment and schedule a consultation.

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Marketopia CEO Terry Hedden Presents Online Training to Jump-Start MSP Marketing

Marketopia CEO Terry Hedden Presents Online Training to Jump-Start MSP Marketing

Marketopia, a specialized source of innovative and powerful demand generation, marketing and sales solutions and team training for IT service companies, today announced that Chief Executive Officer Terry Hedden will present an online training course in association with MSPmentor—the ultimate guide to managed services, the leading global destination for MSPs and a digital property of Penton Technology.

Hedden’s presentation entitled “Creating a Managed IT Services Marketing Lead Machine” begins at 11AM EDT, Tuesday, August 25, 2015. To register for the 90-minute event and learn more about the session details, go to Hedden will also be available during the scheduled presentation to answer questions.

Hedden’s one-session training course is designed to show MSPs looking to boost MRR and net profit how to consistently produce more qualified managed IT and cloud solution leads. Just for joining the session, each attendee will receive a complimentary customizable marketing template from Marketopia to develop an effective and efficient marketing plan for any MSP business.
“Marketing for managed IT services continues to evolve and expand,” Hedden said. “The objective is to educate attendees about the strategies needed to quickly grow their business. We will take them through ways to best plan and assess their marketing investments, and to better understand the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.”

To register for the 90-minute event and learn more about the session details, go to The cost for enrolling in this course is $99.


About Marketopia

Marketopia, The Lead Machine, is an MSP marketing firm uniquely positioned with expertise throughout the entire IT channel from software, hardware and cloud vendors to distributors, MSPs and VARs. The company’s system is based on real-world knowledge. Marketopia uses an enterprise-class technology platform, channel marketing experience and deep industry relationships to create a revolutionary approach to outsourced marketing and sales empowerment for IT service companies seeking to grow leads, sales and profit. For more information about Marketopia and its proven demand generation system for managed IT services, visit the company on the web at To learn more now, call 844.482.4769. Also, to get the latest industry news and trends, go to; like us on Facebook at; follow us on Twitter at; and connect with us on LinkedIn at


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Falling {Back} in Love with Marketing

Falling {Back} in Love with Marketing

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, love is in the air all around us. However, when it comes to loving marketing, some of us are hesitant to put our hearts out there. Some have been burned by their “ex” marketing firm, vowing to never love again. Others may have never given marketing a chance due to skepticism or perceived high maintenance.

If you’ve marketed and lost, or never marketed at all, here are three reasons why you should fall {back} in love with marketing.


1) Marketing is Affectionate

Just like an amazing significant other takes care of you in a relationship, marketing can sweep you off your feet. Instead of bringing you flowers and chocolates, marketing will bring you gifts like highly qualified leads, a new website, search engine optimization, press releases, newsletter creation and delivery, direct mail pieces, social media management, and more. Even better, if you fall in love with outsourced marketing, companies never have to worry about doing their own advertising or marketing. Each month these deliverables are customized for your business to ensure your company’s success. And the best part is, you never even have to lift a finger. What’s not to love?


2) Marketing is Best Friends with Leads

Everyone knows it’s important to get along with your significant other’s friends. You’re in luck because leads are marketing’s best friends. But not just any old leads… Qualified leads. Marketing will introduce you to leads that can benefit directly from your business. Now, have you ever met a lead you didn’t get along with? All the campaign elements mentioned earlier are then created and executed to help “introduce you” to leads, thus making it easier to convert them into new customers.


3) Marketing is Your Arm Candy

Looks may not be everything, but we all know how important it is to make a great first impression. Many times in the business world, we only get one chance to make a potential client fall in love. Marketing is like arm candy that ensures you look the part. It helps you polish your image so you always look professional and appealing to potential new clients, as well as existing customers. How will marketing help you achieve this look? Marketing can help by rebranding your company with a new logo/tagline and website, customizing your proposals and contracts so they look organized and qualified, collateral that make you’re a cut above the rest, offering training material that teaches you how to close the deal, and so much more. Marketing helps ensure your potential and existing customers are never “the one{s} that got away.”

If you’ve been let down by a marketing firm in the past or never used one at all, we understand that it can be hard to trust an outside source with such important aspects of your business. However, there are so many advantages to marketing that can help benefit your business, so we encourage you to put yourself back out there. There are many {marketing firm} fish in the sea, but Marketopia would love to be your Valentine this year and for many years to come!


Leveraging Marketing to Maximize Leads

Leveraging Marketing to Maximize Leads

Marketing is the key to growing any business. Most large corporations have their own internal marketing department to handle all of their marketing needs. However, many small to medium-sized businesses don’t have the funding or resources available to host one marketing employee, let alone an entire marketing department on their own…. Or, so they thought.

The solution? Outsourced marketing, the answer to every managed service provider’s marketing needs. A marketing partner can provide the whole package to IT service companies and cloud service providers at just a fraction of the cost of hosting marketing in house.

By now you’re surely wondering, “What? But how?” The benefits of outsourcing your marketing greatly surpass the advantages of hosting your own marketing department in house, and here’s why:


1) Reduce Your Overall Marketing Cost

Many companies spend a huge budget on their marketing departments each month due to employee salaries, tools necessary for research and to execute campaigns. When you partner with a marketing company, you’re not paying salaries to a whole team, your employees aren’t wasting their time and other talents trying to learn the marketing world, which causes your overall marketing cost to reduce significantly. When you partner with a marketing firm, small to medium-sized businesses receive the opportunity to have the same, if not greater, advantages that big corporations have with larger budgets. For example, with Marketopia’s reasonable partner marketing prices, closing on just one lead can help cover all of your monthly outsourced marketing costs.


2) Increase Profit

Partnering with a marketing firm provides your business with the total package. You receive all the perks of having your own internal marketing department without the added stress. Partner marketing gives you access to marketing experts, a custom marketing strategy for your business, marketing material creation from new websites to direct mail pieces, monthly newsletters, proposal contract templates, social media management, increased lead prospects, sales training collateral and much more. Best of all, Marketopia includes many of these many of features in base marketing packages. All of these features bring you new business, allowing you to increase your overall profit.


3) Ability to Measure your Successes

When you outsource your marketing, you not only gain access to an entire team of marketing experts, you also gain access to their resources. A marketing firm focuses on your marketing 24/7, allowing you to focus on your business. Many small and medium-sized businesses have little to no time to devote to marketing. Marketing professionals utilize many different tools that can help provide valuable data and research for your business. Marketopia offers their clients monthly updates to show them where their money is going and how effective their marketing plan has been. This allows clients to evaluate whether or not the plan should be altered to increase results, or stay the same due to success.

Marketopia clients are seeing sales increases in as little as 12 days due to marketing efforts! Outsourced marketing provides small to medium-sized businesses the ability to market as if they were a larger corporation.