In previous installments of this series, we covered the importance of finding your why and narrowed down your target audience by identifying your ideal client. Now it’s time to make these ideal clients aware of all the great things you can do for them by building brand awareness.

Put simply, brand awareness is how the rest of the world perceives you. Ideally, that perception is positive. But the most important goal is to position your company and brand as the logical solution as soon as a need arises for your prospect.


Here are four ways to get your brand in front of customers at the right time:


Paid Social Ads

While personality is important, organic content can only reach your current followers – and not all of them will see it within a crowded news feed. This is why paid social ads are useful. They target your ads at potential clients in their social feeds and allow you to promote high-performing organic content to a wider audience.

Even if these ads don’t lead to an immediate conversion, they build familiarity and make users more likely to do business with you in the future.



Search engine optimization ensures that your company is one of the top results when a business owner is researching a question or problem. Determining the right words to use in your content will increase your relevancy in a search and establish your brand as a solution to their current and future problems.

Pay-per-click marketing takes this a step further by placing your website above the top search hits. These are the sites listed at the top of a Google search results page that say “ad” next to them. They are a great way for less established companies to rise above the larger ones and get their brand noticed.

Google AdSense is also a fantastic conversion tool. It places banner ads for your business in front of visitors who left your site before converting. This can help potential clients who were undecided about your brand to return and make a deal.


Local Partnerships

Diversifying your audience by partnering with established brands is another good way to build brand awareness. Finding the right partner takes careful selection. The best options are businesses you already have some sort of relationship with.

However, be sure that your relationship is a symbiotic one. You and the business you partner with should provide complementary services – i.e. they interact with the same type of client, but don’t provide the same exact services as you do.


Free Stuff

A simple way to promote your brand and its message is to hand out branded materials. The trick is not to hand out junk or anything else you don’t want your business to be associated with. Even if your handout isn’t directly related to your company’s products or services, having an item that is useful and unique will help prospects associate those same qualities with your business.

Marketopia has firsthand experience in using a variety of tools to build brand awareness. Together, we’ll make your business something to talk about. Contact us today to start building your brand.