How to Maximize Your Marketing ROI

How to Maximize Your Marketing ROI

Marketing ROI

Like any savvy business owner, you want to get the highest return on your investments. Marketing spend is no exception. But if you’re like most MSP owners, marketing isn’t your area of expertise. (That’s ok. Help is on the way.) First, you have to get familiar with a few basic marketing principles. Then, you can dive deeper into best practices for each discipline and identify opportunities to boost your marketing ROI.

94% of MSPs say sales and marketing are the biggest issues they face when trying to grow.

Do Your Homework

Invest the time into understanding the tools and services available to you. Take advantage of whatever training you can find. You don’t need to become a marketing thought leader, but you should understand the basic theories at work.

The first major obstacle to marketing success is lack of effort. You have to commit yourself to learning.

Behind Every Successful Marketing Campaign is an Aligned Strategy

Your marketing strategy should drive everything from your website design to your social media posts to your customer service call scripts. It’s the who, what, where, when and why behind your every marketing effort – big or small. In the marketing world, it’s described as:

  • The right message
  • The right audience
  • The right place
  • The right time

More About the Right Message

The better you understand your audience, the more effectively you can craft a message that engages, inspires and compels the reader to take action.

  • Speak to a pain, and offer a solution. What’s keeping your readers up at night, and how can you help?
  • Tell readers what you want them to do. Do you want them to click on a link or call a phone number?

Would You Open Your Email?

Before you send out your next email, ask yourself if you would open it.

  • Perform A/B tests to identify what performs well
  • Target each sales cycle stage with drip campaigns

“Email marketing still promises to deliver the highest ROI of all marketing channels — $42 back for every dollar you spend.” -Forbes

Build Your Network on Social Media

Social media provides a unique opportunity to build your brand awareness, expand your network and engage with your followers.

  • Encourage your staff to like your page and share your content
  • Tailor your content to the right platform (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Make Your Website High Performing

A website without optimization is like a billboard in the desert. Make sure your website includes the right keywords, utilizes opportunities for conversions (offers, calls to action and lead forms) and displays well on mobile devices.

The second major obstacle to marketing success is lack of money. Aim to invest 3-10% of your revenue goal in sales and marketing.

Generate More Quality Meetings

If you’re not investing in a full-time appointment setter, you’re missing out on a steady stream of meetings with new prospects.

  • Leverage prospecting tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Office 365 E3
  • Provide your caller with timely feedback
  • Use good quality data

Take a 360-Degree Approach with Search

The trick here is to put your organic search efforts to work and be patient. Scoring high in Google search rankings requires adherence to a number of best practices and takes time, but the end goal is so worth it. In the meantime, use paid search to gain traction.

The third major obstacle to marketing success is lack of patience. Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint.

How Marketopia Can Help

If you’re an MSP looking to boost the return on your marketing dollar, look no further than Marketopia. Our marketing and lead generation team specializes in the tech industry and can provide custom content, paid and organic search services, website design, appointment setting, sales enablement tools and more. Contact us today to learn more.


Recalculating Your Route to More Leads

Recalculating Your Route to More Leads

Word-of-Mouth Marketing: 3 Ways You Can Control the Conversation

The roads we once took to succeed in the professional world are fundamentally different from when this year began. It’s still possible to find success in your pursuit of new leads – but you need to rethink how you reach out to them. Get the tips and tricks you need from this article. We’ll show you how to change lanes on your journey toward building new professional relationships through better lead generation tactics.

Remember What Worked

If you want to get ahead of your competitors, it’s paramount that you formulate an outreach plan. To begin, consider the tactics you used in the past. Ask yourself, why did they work? How could they have been better? When reconsidering your approach, it’s good to perform an audit on your tactics and use hard statistics to determine what could work again. After all, they were successful for a reason. You were able to gain new partners’ interests and build professional relationships because these efforts resonated with your target.

Form a Community of Success

It’s no secret that when your business partners do well, you will too. When you can assist your clients in their new business successes, they will reach out to work with you again. This mutually beneficial system is known as through-partner enablement. Some ways you can use this tactic to your advantage include:

  • Sharing industry tricks with your partners via a newsletter, so they win in their own channel
  • Creating a sales marketing program with sell sheets and other collateral to showcase the benefits of your products
  • Teaching your partners to fish for their own new leads through comprehensive trainings

Start your through-partner enablement with the businesses you know. They already see the value you provide as a vendor and will listen to what you have to say. When you can build a trusting relationship, you will successfully elevate your marketing results through partner recruitment into 2021.

Outreach Growth Initiatives

Pursuing net new partners may now seem daunting. It feels like everyone is in damage control, looking to maintain stability rather than grow. But the truth is, these leads aren’t gone – the route you used to take to find them has changed. Here are four turn-by-turn directions to keep in mind when reaching out to new leads:

  1. Nothing beats a good phone call when in-person conversations aren’t an option
  2. Make attractive offerings that help your clients meet their goals via through-partner enablement
  3. Host, or participate in virtual events that replicate the shows that aren’t happening
  4. Differentiate yourself by selling your value as a partner along with your products

Sales and effective marketing are the keys to successful outreach initiatives. There are so many similar offerings in the market right now – it’s almost a case of mass parody. Enhance your prospect’s interest level when you make your brand, and its products appear unique and valuable.

Empower Your Sales Rep

Business leaders must accept that social distancing has made many sales reps lax in their pursuits. When they aren’t on the road, at conferences or in the hotel bar making connections, it’s easy for these masters of the deal to fall off their sales A-game. The key to building a free-flowing sales pipeline is encouraging your sales team to be at their best, so they’ll convert appointments into sales. Reinforce the fact that there is, in fact, a real person on the other end of a video call. Prospects should be treated with even more charm and persona than on the show floor to make up for the virtual disconnect. Now, more than ever, perception is reality. If you look and sound impressive to a prospect, that’s how they’ll see you.

How Marketopia Can Help

Once you accept that the world has changed, you can start planning for your wins in 2021. Marketopia’s expert team has the knowledge and resources to help you every step of the way. Contact us today, and discover how we can help you achieve more leads, more sales and more profits.