4 Tips for a More Effective Channel Partner Program

4 Tips for a More Effective Channel Partner Program

Your channel partners face more competition than ever before and, to be more effective, they need to be smarter and more proactive in advertising and marketing their (and your) solutions. The problem is that while MSPs, VARs and other technology service providers are great at what they do, they tend to have little or no expertise in marketing. As a hardware, software or cloud service vendor, your level of marketing expertise and resources is much more robust than your channel partners. And, while MDF funds, SPIFs and other tactics do a great job of motivating partners to sell your product or service, they do little to aid them in generating more leads and filling the pipeline.

So, what can you do to help your channel partners be more effective and successful? What marketing assistance can you provide that will have an impact on their (and your) bottom line?

  1. Enable Website Improvements — The most powerful marketing resource your channel partners have is their website. But, too many MSPs, VARs and other technology service providers invest little to no effort into developing and maintaining their web presence. Providing just a little assistance with content development, design modernization, high-quality imagery and SEO optimization can have an enormous impact on their ability to attract and convert leads, as well as efficiently sell your products or services.
  2. Create Email Campaign Templates — Email is (or at least should be) a part major of your channel partner’s lead generation strategy. By generating eye-catching email templates and campaigns based on best practices, you empower your partners to communicate sales messages more effectively and improve their ability to convert leads to sales. To maximize effectiveness, peg the email campaign to special pricing offers or marketing funds for promotional activities.
  3. Provide Market Analysis and Information — MSPs, VARs and other technology service providers typically have a great feel for the ups and down of their local market. But, they’re often so busy that they fail to keep up on trends and developments in the industry as a whole. As a vendor, you consume an extensive amount of industry research and market analysis. Providing useful, accessible and easily understandable summaries of this data can provide your partners with a competitive edge and allow them to better leverage their marketing dollars.
  4. Share Success Stories — You have access to a vast network of channel partners, all of whom are trying out new sales tactics and marketing campaigns with MDF or co-op funds. If some of these partners are growing sales or increasing the number of leads they engage each month, then you should be sharing these success stories with the rest of them. Partner newsletters, case studies, white papers and other such collateral are invaluable when it comes to inspiring your partners to think out of the box.


The team at Marketopia is staffed with experts when it comes to helping vendors, service providers and other IT channel partners communicate more effectively and grow their sales pipeline. For more information about how Marketopia can help you boost the number of leads, sales and profit that you (and your partners) enjoy, check out our vendor marketing solutions. Need help resolving a specific marketing, communications or sales enablement challenge? Contact us at 844-4U2-Grow (482-4769), ext. 806, or email us.


3 Email Marketing Tips to Modernize Your Communication Strategy

3 Email Marketing Tips to Modernize Your Communication Strategy

It’s time to stop regarding email as the “unruly step-child” of your communication strategy. With the right amount of planning and attention to detail , email marketing can grow into your most significant lead generation source. Email marketing generated 174 percent more conversions than social media in 2016. It was last year’s dominant marketing channel, and —thanks to creative developments in design, automation, content and analytics—it still holds significant value in today’s marketing communications landscape.

The IT channel is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the potential $44 ROI for every dollar spent on email marketing. The tips below are


Think Mobile

Smart devices are increasingly available—as is access to email. This means more people are checking their emails on their phones. Business owners and decision-makers, especially, are checking their emails on their phones between meeting and traveling for work. 42 percent of users yet only 17 percent of marketers optimize their email for mobile.

Your subject line or content might not be the problem. Make sure youoptimize your emails for mobile and watch your lead pool expand.


Put Data in the Driver Seat

“Set-it-and-forget-it” may be convenient and but it’s not very intuitive. The future of email is data science and analysisthat provide marketers with valuable insight into user behavior and email preferences. Using d

More business owners are seeking your services than you think—be more intentional with your content creation to improve your chances of capturing attention.


Warm Up Your Cold Prospects

You may be excited about the new email list you bought but make sure your open rate expectations are conservative. Thanks to increasing cyber security concerns, 90 percent of cold emails go unopened. The ten percent of

There’s still opportunity with cold call lists but you have to be strategic—build trust with personalized headlines and compelling call to actions to improve your open and response rates.

These email marketing tips are just a taste of what it takes to build out a successful campaign. Marketopia specializes in content creation and design, plus we have the data to prove our methods get the results you need to boost sales and revenue. Contact us today to start taking full advantage of our dynamic email marketing campaigns that will help you connect with valuable clients.