Cheers to Us! The Marketopia Family Celebrates a Milestone

Cheers to Us! The Marketopia Family Celebrates a Milestone

Last week marked the first-year anniversary of Marketopia!

August 26, 2014. It’s the day we opened our doors for business near downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. It’s the day we brought together our many years of channel IT expertise, channel sales and marketing experience and deep industry relationships. It’s the day we set out to improve – no, catapult to the stars – the businesses of resellers, MSPs, VARs, distributors and technology vendors.

A year later, we are proud of what we’ve accomplished. We’re exuberant about the growth of our clients. We’re excited about the notches in our belt as we’ve tightened our focus to enable us to grow and grow for years to come by helping make a difference for technology companies.

One year is a big milestone for any company. That goes doubly for us, a unique business focused on igniting and launching sales and marketing solutions for IT services firms.

So, we want to share a bit of perspective on what we’ve accomplished during the past 12 months:

  • We were selected and honored as a Worldwide Top Channel Influencer in 2015 by Penton Technology Group’s
  • We were recognized as a prominent Vendor to Watch by The ChannelPro Network.
  • We have appeared and spoken at nearly 60 industry events, reaching more than 25,000 resellers.
  • We have contributed, and continue to do so, to Penton’s IdeaXchange at, and
  • We have launched the 4u2grow international roadshow dedicated to helping MSPs grow.
  • We have added Appointment Setting and Prospect Engagement Consultant teams as part of our sales and marketing services for clients.
  • We have staffed our company team with more than 20 members committed to client success.
  • We have reported 100% company growth during each fiscal quarter.


A whirlwind of a year down the road, we now look back with gratitude to the many that have put their faith in Marketopia. We are proud of what we have been able to do together so far, and are excited about the tremendous growth and change that 2015 has brought for us, our clients and our partners.


Looking Forward to Year #2

It has been a great year, and we have even bigger plans for next year. Enlarging our team to handle even more clients. Expanding our sales and marketing services to keep our reseller and MSP clients growing. Working with technology vendors to develop their channel sales in ways they have never thought of before us. And, much more.

We have learned a lot, heard great feedback from our communities, and remain hard at work every day on fulfilling our mission to become the most trusted sales and marketing IT services agency. We believe now, more than ever, that Marketopia can help transform and evolve IT services firms for the better.

Let’s make this next year even more than last year. Cheers, and happy anniversary to us!


Team Building: Blast on the Beach = Success in the Office

Team Building: Blast on the Beach = Success in the Office

Last week, we shared with you the significance of team-building activities. We revealed the positive effect such office camaraderie can have on your team of employees and your growing business.

As always, Marketopia proudly serves by example!

During this past weekend, we tightly strapped on our competitive, team-building spirit and trekked to the white sands of St. Pete Beach … not too far from our office. For the first time, our team participated in America II Corporate SportsFest, billed as a team building, morale boosting, and “blast on the beach.” No athletic skill necessary. Indeed!


Get Down & Dirty

This annual office Olympics casts itself to be on a mission to enhance and celebrate morale. Create camaraderie and teamwork. And, spotlight company pride across our community. We can attest that it works!

As we mentioned last week, every employee brings beneficial attributes and complementary skillsets to your business. They also can at group activities promoting an effort to work together toward a common goal. In this case, avoid getting wiped out in the white sand and strongly holding our own among more than 200 other local companies.
We think we accomplished just that … in a big way!


At SportsFest, our team members put each of their skills to the test in three different events:

• Beach Volleyball
• Beach Dodgeball
• Surf & Turf, a relay race across both the Gulf of Mexico shore and beach

Some of our team skillsets were sturdier than others. But, ultimately, Marketopia came out victorious. While we didn’t place among the best in beach dodgeball and the relay race (we still had a blast, though), we did place third in the beach volleyball competition.

And, so much more.

“It was so much fun competing at SportsFest,” says Stephanie Troya, marketing coordinator and design team member at Marketopia. “But, I think my favorite part was just being able to relax, hang out and get to know everyone better.”



Results Are In

With the physical challenge behind us and the memories forever with us, we took some time to recently reflect on a handful of the benefits we are now enjoying thanks to our competitive collaboration. Consider:

• Research shows informal conversations outside of a formal environment are the most important aspect for team success. That’s because the energy and engagement of these informal interactions account for one third of the differences in productivity between groups. (MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory Researchers)
• Of course, participation in activities like SportsFest are the perfect opportunity for your employees to relax and get to know one another.
• Finally, another key to team success involves maintaining a balanced team of men and women. That’s because companies with women onboard tend to be better performers and there’s more “mutual monitoring.” That ensures everyone pulls their own weight! (Credit Suisse Analysis)

All that being said, when it comes to the success of your company’s team, it’s crucial to (1) establish a balance of men and women, and (2) be sure employees are given the opportunity to carry on casual conversations to build relationships that continue outside of the workplace.

“I had a blast at SportsFest, and I know the rest of my team did, too,” says Shaun Vaccaro, sales team member at Marketopia. “There is definitely a lighter vibe in the office and working together seems more enriching.”

Without doubt, Marketopia put into effect both those tactics at SportsFest. Now, we’re well on our way to maintain development of a strong set of skills incorporated into our workplace. How about you?