In our last blog, we talked about the common myth that MSPs are determined to replace your existing team, and in the first installment of this five-blog series, we also talked about the myth that MSPs are too expensive.

Now we’re turning our attention to another myth that you’ve probably heard when it comes to using an MSP: you won’t get the support you need, when you need it. This is another one that we’re here to dispel. Companies looking for IT managed services might bring this one up a lot, since it’s a common concern.


The Background

Why is this such a persistent myth? Many businesses have had an experience where a vendor or service provider just hasn’t been there in a time of need, but the managed service provider industry works differently. Success for an MSP is built on delivering exactly the right level of service exactly when clients need it.


The Truth

Managed service providers (MSPs) couldn’t survive in the long term if they weren’t providing the right level of support to their clients. In fact, the best MSPs in the industry pride themselves on offering support packages that are specifically customized to the needs of each of their clients’ businesses.

In fact, according to Datto, 89 percent of MSPs report making at least one client site visit per week. On top of that, most MSPs offer options for round-the-clock, evening/weekend and any other coverage times that their clients need most. Flexible remote and on-site support keeps your clients’ internal team from getting weighed down with requests or scrambling to address a problem that happens outside of regular business hours.

Clients can find confidence in a shared MSP SLA that defines service expectations and the consequences for failure to meet those expectations. When you treat your clients as partners and take their priorities into account while designing an agreement, companies looking for IT managed services can have greater trust that their needs will be met.

You can also bring value to the average cost of managed IT services by keeping staff updated with current certifications and skills, so clients don’t have to deal with the fallout of a potentially untrained technician causing damage to their systems. Skilled service, detailed SLAs and flexible hours are key to helping business owners develop trust in the managed service provider industry.

Looking for more benefits and some useful statistics around how to help your clients go from skeptical to sold? Download our guide to Busting MSP Myths today.