In our last blog, we talked about the common myth that MSPs are too expensive. Now we’re addressing another common myth – the idea that by hiring you to take on their IT support, your clients will have to fire their entire internal team. As a business owner building a team they care about, this is a big concern.

Good news, though. It’s 100% not true.


MSPs Meet Your Needs

Hiring a managed services provider to take on some of their IT needs doesn’t have to turn into a battle of MSP vs internal IT. In fact, as an MSP, you could be exactly what their internal team is looking for to be able to work much smarter. So, when your clients ask, “why use managed services to supplement our internal team?” you can say…

“Glad you asked.”


Here are just a few of the ways a managed services provider can help internal IT teams thrive.

Help Desk Support: You can take on the lowest (or highest) levels of your clients’ help desk calls to free up their internal team’s time. Whether they have high-level experts who should be focused on the big issues or a relatively new help desk that’s only ready for the simpler problems, you can fill the gaps.

After-Hours Coverage: You’re there for them any time they need you, whether it’s 2 a.m. on a Wednesday or noon on Sunday. Letting you cover their after-hours needs saves your clients from maxing out their team with off-hours calls and keeps them from paying expensive overtime.

Cutting-Edge Solutions: Managed services providers are dedicated to what’s new and next in the industry, and which means you can help your clients discover new or better-fit tools and software that help them, and their internal team, do their jobs better.

Safer Systems: Your clients’ internal team would need someone 100% dedicated to security to be able to keep up with the constant onslaught of risks out there. As an MSP, you can take that on, keeping systems and software up-to-date with proactive protection, saving their team from constantly putting out security fires.


Co-Managed Success

Understanding managed services providers and the benefits they can bring to internal teams means opening up a new world for your clients’ businesses. By bringing on an MSP, they won’t be firing their internal team. Instead, they’ll be giving their teams the gift of more productivity, more efficiency and the freedom to focus on the things they do best.

You will cover any skill gaps, support your clients anytime they have needs and help their teams do better work. Basically, you’ll be helping pave the way for their business growth.

Looking for more benefits and some useful statistics around how to help your clients go from skeptical to sold? Download our guide to Busting MSP Myths today.