As a sales professional, it’s your mission to be dedicated to both the wants of your prospects and the growth of your own craft. It’s an ongoing pursuit that is never truly perfected due to changes in the market, but by following certain disciplines, you will successfully accomplish this mission. In this blog, we’ll share three disciplines that you and the rest of your sales team need to follow to close more sales.

Win Over Prospects the Right Way with Marketopia’s Daily Disciplines for Salespeople


Be Adaptable

A successful salesperson does what unsuccessful salespeople won’t. When it comes to sales, it’s not your pitch that closes, but how well you can cater to your prospect’s needs on the fly. If 2020 has shown the sales world anything, it’s that you must be dynamic in your craft and be willing to change your tactics and adhere to current market demands completely. Understand that this means going beyond the pitch you’ve rehearsed and drilled into your own head, because using a scripted approach may do more to hinder than help you. Know when something works and no when and how to change it when it doesn’t. You should make a point to audit your performance after every conversation.

Some points to take into consideration when understanding your prospects include their:

  • Industry
  • Goals
  • Challenges
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • The quicker you can identify and understand all of these, the easier it will be for you to close
  • Stop Pitching and Start Listening

Too many salespeople rush to get their pitch out and overwhelm their prospects with information. What they should be doing is getting to know their needs, desires and expectations beforehand and incorporate those specifics into the solution the pitch offers.

Don’t rush to get your pitch out. Keep the prospect talking. If they’re talking, there is always time for the pitch later. It’s vital that you first make the prospect feel like their concerns are valid, and you can only validate them by showing them you’re intently listening. This means not interrupting them, maintaining eye contact and understanding their body language. If the prospect feels like their concerns and ideas are above all else, you’ve made a sale.

Another handy trick is to take mental notes of three to four points they touched on and how they relate back to your pitch. Once they’ve finished, connect the dots back to your pitch.


Keep Your Sales Skills Sharp

While being adaptable to change and putting your prospects’ needs first will be the difference makers when closing, there is no replacement for the old-fashioned art of the sale. The best way to keep these skills sharpened is to always keep them against the grinding stone – in other words, turning every conversation into a pitch.

If you think about it, the point of every conversation is to put an idea into another person’s head. For example, if you can make your pitch as natural as asking someone about their musical tastes and telling them why they’d really enjoy your favorite musical artist or band, you’ll be that much more comfortable asking a prospect about their concerns and pitching them your solution. When you’re always on, you’ll never be off your best.


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