It takes significant amounts of time and effort to gain face-to-face appointments with qualified prospects, something outsourced appointment setters do well. In fact, according to the Ovation Sales Group, the average sales person prospects for 6.25 hours to set just one appointment.

When you outsource appointment setting, you free up your sales people to focus on developing relationships and closing deals that directly lead to healthy commissions. There are many reasons to consider outsourcing your appointment setting, but here are our three favorites.

Focus on Qualified Prospects. Cold calling is tiring, and you need your sales resources spending their time with qualified prospects, not tire kickers. And, for some companies, pass lead nurturing to the marketing team isn’t always an option. MarketingSherpa discovered that of the 61 percent of leads sent to sales, only 27 percent of those leads were qualified. Appointment setting services, grease the skids and make sure that first sales connection is worthwhile and productive.

Play the Long Game. A sale rarely takes place during the first call with a prospect. In fact, the Marketing Donut found that 80 percent of sales require five follow-up phone calls, even longer for complex technology sales. You don’t always have the resources and patience to play the long game, but outsourced appointment setters do. They’ll put in the time and dedication it takes to build relationships on your behalf and, ultimately, pave the way for sales success.

Save Money. Properly qualifying prospects and generating warm leads is an expensive process. Having full-time callers on staff to generate appointments puts a major dent in the budget. With appointment setting services, callers do the heavy lifting for an affordable fixed-rate fee allowing you to budget accordingly and lower costs.

Marketopia’s seasoned appointment setters provide the qualified leads you need to maximize sales. Once you buy the calling list from us, we’ll get to work developing positive relationships on behalf of your company. Our appointment setters act as an extension of your business and lay the foundation for your sales team to experience success. To get more information on how outsourced appointment setting can improve your sales results, contact us today.