To-Partner Marketing

Professional appointment setters provide a pipeline of qualified leads for companies in the IT space. Marketopia’s qualified appointment setting professionals not only pave a smooth path for that first face-to-face interaction, they also handle the heavy lifting when it comes to recruiting the right partners and filling seats for webinars and events.

Through-Partner Marketing

Your partners’ sales teams are critical to revenue and business growth for both your business and theirs. You need them focused on targeted, qualified prospect, not dialing in the dark. Give them the power of qualified appointment setting to boost incoming leads and open the door for your partners’ sales teams to close more deals.


Marketopia’s appointment setters act as a professional extension of your internal team or your partners’ teams. Based on in-depth education on services, target audiences and unique value, we lay the groundwork for sales teams to excel. Our expert team identifies the prospects who best fit ideal prospect profiles and makes connections that turn cold leads into sales. By outsourcing appointment setting and event recruitment to Marketopia, your partners won’t have to worry about finding, hiring and training an in-house telesales team. Our callers are surrounded, supported and motivated by other expert callers every day, keeping their skills sharp and their results on point. 


When it comes to events, it’s hard to dedicate resources to get the word out, encourage registrations and drive attendance. Our qualified appointment setting services handle outreach for event recruitment, allowing your partners to keep their sales teams focused on meeting prospects who are ready to sign. As the Marketopia event recruitment team drives interest and new registrations for upcoming events, they’ll add those incoming leads to the sales funnel, filling the sales pipeline and setting the stage for easier wins for your partners’ sales reps.


Let us help you find new customers and support your existing ones as they grow. Our expert team has the tools and resources to help our technology solutions provider (TSP) partners build impactful lead generation strategies that enable them to stay ahead of the curve and bring in more leads, more sales and more profit.

Hear from Our Happy Clients

We don’t succeed until our clients do. And we could tell you all day that we’re the experts, but we’d rather let our happy clients tell you their stories instead. That’s why we’re so proud to share these stories of Marketopia’s clients achieving their biggest business goals.

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