Remember Show and Tell when you were in grade school? There’s a reason why everyone loved it. The saying ‘seeing is believing’ is true when it comes to communication that’s memorable and credible. Your prospects want proof before they invest in your solutions. Case studies give you the perfect opportunity to, not simply tell them what you can do but, show them how you’ve helped other companies like them successfully solve problems and accomplish goals.

Here are just a few reasons why case studies should be a mandatory item in your marketing toolkit:


They build trust and buy-in

According to Crowdtap’s research, people consider user-generated content 20 percent more influential, 35 percent more memorable and 50 percent more trustworthy. Case studies share real results straight from the source, taking trust to a whole new level.


They tell a story

Case studies bring your business to life. Plus, a real-life example makes it easier for them to see themselves using your solution to solve similar challenges.


They answer key questions

A CMO Council survey found 94 percent of B2B decision makers circulated content across organizational tiers and to multiple stakeholders. Case studies show a direct payoff, plus resolve a lot of your prospects common concerns and objections.


They can be promoted across channels

Prospects who are midway through the buying cycle use search engines and social media platforms to find specific information. Case studies are ideal to serve up as relevant content via search, social and email.

Marketopia’s exclusive marketing plans include case studies as one key component of a powerful end-to-end lead machine that accelerates growth. Contact us today and we’ll show you, not just tell you, how we can help you grow.