Q4 is upon us and 2020 will be here before you know it. This is a good time for managed service providers to look back at what’s changed in the industry this year. Understanding these changes, trends, victories and pain points can help companies better plan for the future so they can avoid obstacles and not get left in the dust.


With that in mind, here’s what we learned about the MSP Industry in 2019:


The Future is in the Cloud

Businesses are going in one direction — and that’s up to the cloud. According to research by IDC, nearly 80 percent of companies are already using cloud technologies or plan to deploy a cloud solution within the next year. Only 8 percent of businesses say they have no intention of using the cloud to run their business, which is down from nearly 20 percent in 2014. Overall, cloud spending is expected to triple in 2020 to $500 billion.

According to a CompTIA survey, 54 percent of MSPs view cloud-based managed services as a strategic part of their services catalog, and 44 percent support the cloud because their customers request it. That means only 3 percent of MSPs don’t support the cloud. So, if you’re in that 3 percent, it’s time to rethink your position; otherwise, you’ll be left behind.


What’s Keeping MSPs Up at Night?

While many MSPs are going all-in with the cloud, many companies are still losing sleep over it. Making money in the cloud was the biggest issue keeping 62 percent of CompTIA survey respondents up at night. The second most popular reason was customer demand, aka marketing at 57 percent.

That makes sense because most MSPs and VARs struggle to find new customers. They might not be naturally adept at marketing, generating demand and setting appointments. That’s why 62 percent of MSP CompTIA survey respondents say increasing the volume of net-new customers is their top priority.


How Marketopia Can Help

If you’re struggling to adapt to the changing MSP landscape, it’s time to do something about it. Marketopia has roots in this channel and has a team of experts that can help increase customer demand for your services. Contact us today to get started.