Last month, we learned a lot of key takeaways from the third 4u2grow Annual Conference. If you were there, you got to hear from some of the best vendors in the industry – including Datto and Webroot. If you weren’t, you missed out on empowering presentations and panels aimed at growing your technology business. We’d love to see you attend next year.

As we push forward through the fourth quarter, you’re likely looking for new ways to increase sales for the 2018 year and propel your business into 2019. To help you do that, we’ve consolidated four tips on how to increase sales from your existing partners.


Expand Your Partners’ Home Networks

Nowadays, your partners work from everywhere – the office, their favorite coffee shop and the comfort of their home. But, they don’t always have the same privileges that they do in the office. If they use a personal computer to access the VPN from home, they risk compromising the entire system. By offering to include their home PCs in their managed services plan, you give them an opportunity to use pre-tax dollars to invest in network security. That adds 10 percent or more to your managed services invoice – increasing your profits and keeping their network protected.


Implement a Referral Plan

Word of mouth is the most impactful form of advertising – why not capitalize on it? By creating a referral system, you’ll gain new leads and solidify their loyalty. Create an incentive for why your existing partners should refer their friends to your services – it could be a gift card, discounts on services or a technology gift. Find what entices your partners (it could be as simple as asking them) and reward them for referring your solutions.


Identify Upgrade and Cross-Sell Opportunities

Your techs work closely with your partners – often more than you do – and can quickly identify their problem areas. But, how often do they report these problems to you or your partners? Give your technology experts a reason to speak up. By offering bonuses or other incentives for upgrades and cross-sells, you can ensure that your techs will pinpoint issues and suggest the best solutions to your partners – improving your revenue and reinforcing your partners’ trust in your business and experts.


Offer the Services Your Partners Need

Let’s face it – your competitors probably provide the same core solutions that you do. Sure, your business stands out because of A, B and C, but when it comes down to it, your partners have options. Don’t give your partners the chance to go to anyone else for their solutions. Make sure that your products or services work with their needs. If your solutions only work with PCs, invest in making them work with Macs. Don’t leave holes in your availability, because those holes allow for your partners to slip through and head straight to your competition.

The Gartner Group projects that 80 percent of future revenue will come from just 20 percent of your existing clients. That makes your current partners your most valuable business asset. As you look for that final boost for 2018, make sure you’re looking in the right place – internally.

Don’t let opportunities to generate more revenue pass you by. Contact us today to discover how else you can increase sales from existing partners and see how our referral emails and custom campaigns make it easier.