5 Marketing Habits That Keep Your MSP Business from Growing

5 Marketing Habits That Keep Your MSP Business from Growing

In our last blog, we share how you can combat the idea that MSPs won’t give you the support you need when you need it . In other series blogs, we also covered the common myth that MSPs are determined to replace your existing team, and the myth that MSPs are too expensive. Now let’s take a look at a major concern: security.

Are your clients still on the fence when it comes to relying on an MSP vs internal IT? Do they worry that it will mean a serious risk to their security? They’re not alone, but we’re here to dispel that myth with some serious facts to help you ease their concerns and earn their business.

70% of businesses would prefer to pay for support in matters of cybersecurity, rather than do it themselves.
Your clients are likely among those businesses, focused on keeping security strong but not armed with the right staff, resources or expertise to take it on in-house. So now they’re worried about how to staff up or working on understanding managed services and how they might be able to help.


What Do MSPs Do?MSP vs internal IT – busting MSP myths

Well, when it comes to security, a lot. Security is one of the top five concerns for businesses all over the world right now, which means your clients are just as worried about it as you are. But handing over access to their most important data and systems makes your clients understandably nervous about security risks. It’s up to you to help them understand that you’re on their side, an expert in locking down their security and ready to make security simpler.

Your clients need to hear that you have their security top of mind. Help reassure them by reinforcing your focus on being ahead of new attacks, and recommit to your position as their cloud guru, ready and able to help them move everything to the cloud without risking their vital information.


Advanced Security Protection

Just like the rest of the managed service provider industry, you are devoting time and resources to making sure your clients can work on-site or migrate to the cloud with minimal downtime and maximum protection. As you speak to current and potential clients, let them know that security is one of the main reasons a company will choose to work with an MSP, and help them see that you’re the one who will armor their businesses against threats, allowing them to focus on growing faster thanks to your proactive protection.

If you’re talking to companies looking for IT managed services, leverage security as a foot in the door instead of a roadblock. Counter their concerns with your expertise, dedication and focus, and you’ll start seeing the benefits as new and existing clients turn to you for their security needs.

It’s time to get the information you need to combat MSP myths and get down to the business of helping your clients succeed. Download our guide to Busting MSP Myths today.


Marketopia CEO Terry Hedden Offers MSP Sales & Marketing Training at 11th Annual IT Nation 2015

Marketopia CEO Terry Hedden Offers MSP Sales & Marketing Training at 11th Annual IT Nation 2015

St. Petersburg, Fla., November 9, 2015 (Newswire) – Marketopia, a marketing agency specializing in innovative and powerful demand generation, marketing and sales solutions and team training for IT service companies, today announced that Chief Executive Officer Terry Hedden is offering a training course entitled “Secrets to Creating an MSP Sales Machine” at the 11th annual IT Nation 2015, considered the largest event in the technology solution provider industry.

The sales and marketing presentation—targeted at IT management to increase IT sales and improve IT marketing for boosting IT business growth—is scheduled to begin at 1PM, Wednesday, November 11, 2015, at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida. To register for the training course, click here.

IT Nation attendees can visit Marketopia—an event partner with ConnectWise and also an exhibitor at IT Nation—at booth #1017.

Hedden’s training course is designed for IT sales and business leaders to learn a proven IT marketing and sales methodology they can immediately implement in their MSP business. They will discover the essentials of marketing and how to develop marketing, public relations and referral program strategies customized for their business using a templated approach. IT management leaders will also be taught during the course the best way to hire a salesperson that will efficiently close deals.

Finally, attendees will leave the presentation understanding how to create a proposal that improves their close ratio and gets more business signed. Essentially, participants will be able to:

  • Effectively sell and close managed IT services deals
  • Find, grow and develop successful sales professionals
  • Generate proposals and quotes that get signed
  • Create a Marketing Lead Machine


For more information and details about Hedden’spresentation, click here.

“Sales and marketing methods for managed IT services continue to progress and grow,” Hedden said. “The objective is to educate IT leadership about the strategies needed to quickly develop their MSP business. We will teach them to better understand the value of sales strategies and marketing campaigns.”

To register for the four-hour event and get more details about the session, go to theITnation.com/agenda/conference-agenda. The cost for enrolling in this course is $199.

To read the press release online, click here.