Are you really ready to grow, or are you kidding yourself? Many firms have owners who say they want to grow, but don’t ever succeed and for good reason – they fail to plan and commit. The decision to grow must be followed by commitment. Commit by allocating the time and resources necessary to grow. You must first create a strategic plan to allocate the right investments and training to the business. This preparation will ensure that your business is ready to take on new customers and more business from existing customers. Once investments are made, you can then create a measurement of success to ensure you know when your goals are achieved and what your return on investment is. With the proper marketing, sales team and service team, growth is possible…but be careful what you wish for. You must prepare your firm for more business because when you get what you want – MORE LEADS – you better be ready to manage and close them. You can and should adjust your strategy along the way based on results. Commit, Invest, Monitor and Grow!