Do you have a lead nurturing green thumb?

How good is your business at nurturing leads? Let’s be honest, lead nurturing is by no means easy and in fact some may say it’s quite hard. Nurturing leads involves the same attention, care and effort that it takes to develop any type of growth or relationship. The key to nurturing a solid relationship with prospects is ensuring your engagement involves three things; convenience, relevancy, and consistency. It is important to always build a relationship with your client preferences in mind, a simple best practice that many business owners forget. To determine convenience, think from the perspective of the recipient of that call, email, or visit. When would the best time be for them to reach out to you? What method of communication would you prefer they use?

Determining your prospects preferred time and method of communication is a very important first step to creating the foundation for a relationship. Today there are so many options for communication and everyone has their preferences; phone, email, text, in person visit. Prospects are more willing to engage when they are being communicated to in the medium that prefer. Once this is established, now determine frequency in which you should engage. It vital that you not ‘over water your plant’. Many clients need a consistent engagement but don’t go overboard. Each prospect is different, so gauge interaction frequency independently. The last, but definitely not the least, key to lead nurturing is relevancy. What is the value that you are providing your prospect? Is your value wanted? Is it needed? Every prospect has a need. Your job is to figure out what that need is and how you can solve it for them.

Once you identify your prospect needs, you are now a valuable asset to them. Whether or not your content is relevant is immaterial if it is not consistent. Leads depend on you to not only provide something of high value, but to provide that value every time. 66% of leads indicate that “consistent and relevant communication provided by both the sales and marketing organizations” was highly important to them in choosing that company as their solution provider. If you can master lead nurturing, you have an exponentially better chance of converting that prospect into a customer and creating a long lasting relationship.