If you’re a CAM, you’re probably a natural when it comes to nurturing relationships among key players in the channel. But when your primary goal is to drive revenue, building the partner value proposition is always on your mind. To do so effectively, you’ll need to learn how to develop and position the value vendor solutions provide to your partners and your partners’ customers. With the right strategy in place, you’ll easily be able to evaluate value prop statements and understand their impact on channel partner recruitment. By optimizing and reprioritizing offerings, you’ll be able to get through to both prospective and existing partners in the channel. The next step is to use your talent and expertise to build your partner value prop.

It will require additional training, tools and time to reach the next level, but it’s worth it. After all, as a CAM, you’ve invested a lot to get to this point in your career and probably had to make some sacrifices along the way. The professional relationships you’ve built in the IT channel are a solid foundation, but until you’ve invested in building the partner value proposition, you haven’t reached your potential. In this blog, we’ll lead you through a few ways to build your partner value prop and grow your business.

Discover Your Potential

Refine Your Understanding of the Buying Cycle

Remember that businesses can bring value to their clients and their channel partners at the same time, so it’s best to begin by considering the buyer’s journey and taking a bird’s eye view. If you were a partner stakeholder, what kind of concerns might you have and how they might be addressed? Be the solutions-oriented person you are and anticipate any counterarguments ahead of time. Be prepared to address them during conversations with decision-makers, and then press on in the recruitment process. Since selling through partners on a routine basis requires that you sell to your partners first, you’re going to need to do some marketing and consider the buyer’s journey.

Continue Building Your Partner Value Prop

To succeed, you’ll want to have some assets ready that add value to your offerings and help your partners achieve long-term success. As a CAM, your IT solutions and products are one way to develop profitable relationships with partners who are already paying attention to you, but you need to attract and delight new prospects, too. Creating and offering downloadable PDFs, case studies and other resources will help partners understand what you’re bringing to the table. By establishing credibility and value in the field through things like tools and testimonials, you’ll be in a better position to persuade the specific channel partners you’re targeting to act.

Get Through to the Decision-Maker

Dedicate time and resources to learning how to reach the decision-makers at key partners and communicate with them. Getting through isn’t easy—that’s why you need to develop a personalized value proposition statement that prepares you for these conversations. Your job is to quickly convince the decision-makers that a given program or service has the added value it takes to give customers a high ROI. Now is the time to apply what you’ve learned as a successful CAM and establish joint vendor partner value propositions.

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