So, what does it take to be an evolved channel manager? Let’s take a look at what makes these channel managers different, and how you can become one to deliver more value to the partners who count on you to support their growth 

Give Your Partners the Help They Need


What is an Evolved Channel Manager?  

For many veterans in the industry, the most important thing a channel manager could do was teach their partners the technical details of their product, and the rest would sort itself out. Fast forward to now, and there’s a lot of parity on the product side, as many solutions can get the same job done. The most significant way your partners can stand out is by leveraging marketing and sales best practices. But most of your partners aren’t operating with an internal marketing team, so building everything from their marketing strategy to their implementation and reporting plans means a lot of extra work 

To make things easier for your partners, an evolved channel manager becomes a mentor or coach to their partners. So, if the client is struggling to get leads, close sales or explain the value proposition of the product, then it’s up to you to get them over the hurdle.  


A True Partnership Leads to Loyalty 

If you ask your partners if they’d rather have an excellent product or an excellent relationship with a vendor, they’re going to choose the latter every time. As competing products continue offering the same features and benefits, your connection with your partners will make all the difference. It’s up to you to explain the value of your partnership and then show it.  

To do this, you need to look at each partner individually and determine their strengths and weaknesses, then develop a plan to address the problems. If your partners are struggling to close sales, it’s up to you to teach them how to close deals or introduce them to someone who can. They will appreciate the investment you’ve made in their business, which will reinforce your bond and create long-term success for you and your partners. 


How to Provide the Tools They Need 

If your partner is having problems getting leads or closing sales, then it’ll be up to you, the evolved channel manager, to remedy the issues. Find a marketing partner who can provide what your partners need. Marketopia has the channel marketing experience you need. We were born in the channel and have an extensive library of training, marketing tools and sales collateral that’ll help your partners grow their business.  

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