It makes no difference what it’s called — “About Us,” “Meet the Team.” Your website “About” page is really important.
It’s more than just a few quick facts and client testimonial. It’s prime real estate. It differentiates your business from the competition. It lets you relate and connect with prospects. It’s a conversion-friendly hub that gives reasons why you should be chosen.

If you’re surprised by this, don’t be. This often overlooked page needs to be a copywriting masterpiece.


To start, tell your visitors:

  • How your product or service benefits them.
  • What’s on offer and why they should care.
  • An emotional story to create a connection.
  • What you want them to do next.


Also include basic, pertinent information, like:

  • Who you are
  • What your business does
  • How long you’ve been in business
  • Where you’re located
  • Areas/regions you serve
  • Anything else, such as “by appointment only,” a fun fact, company history


A mission statement is a great add. It gives insight. It shows you have direction, focus and commitment when it comes to your business.

Creativity is key to delivering all this information. Make it as personable as possible. Connect with prospects. For example, put it in a letter format from the CEO. Use various images for storytelling. Get creative! Your visitors don’t want to read something boring.

Testimonials are also good. However, there’s a right and a wrong way to do this.

“Company XYZ is a great company, we will continue to use them for life!” That statement is useless. Sadly, many businesses use quotes like this on their sites. It tells nothing. It seems like you just made it up.

“Company XYZ has provided me with excellent service during the past two years. They have always completed tasks on time. They have even gone out of their way to assist me after business hours. It’s great having such a trusting relationship with Company XYZ, and I look forward to using them for years to come.” Now, this is the testimonial to post! It conveys valuable and relevant information.

When it comes down to it, don’t overthink your “About Us” page. Share relevant information that’s creative, appealing and relatable. Then, you’ll have new clients knocking at your door.