Channel partner programs are powerful tools – instead of hiring salesperson after salesperson, you can leverage a network of industry partners to sell and support your solutions. But to get the most out of your partner program, you have to do the heavy lifting to set them up for success.


Here are three channel partner sales training tips to help your partners win more:


1. Make them experts on your product.

Your partners can’t (and shouldn’t) sell what they don’t understand. Training programs help you educate and prepare your channel partners to confidently sell your products. This may include general training on your product when new partners onboard, updates on new features or product releases, and annual coverage of industry trends. You can also award certification to partners who meet program requirements to set them apart as premier partners. Whether you make these programs optional or mandatory, it’s important to design your product and sales training to be easy to access and geared toward helping your partners close more deals with their customers.


2. Keep them up-to-date on industry trends.

Your partners know their local business market inside and out – but they probably don’t have their fingers on the pulse of international trends and innovations like you do. Sharing timely, relevant information like industry research and market analysis can help your partners grow faster and stay competitive within their market and beyond. After all, a partner that evolves and thrives will be an asset to your business for years to come. Share high-level, easily-digestible reports and summaries that encourage your partners to keep pushing forward. If some of your partners stand out as particularly successful, share their methods and stories with other partners to help everyone benefit.


3. Give them high-quality marketing tools.

Marketing helps your partners move beyond word-of-mouth referrals and enjoy accelerated, sustained growth. One option is to provide your partners with market development funds (MDF), which they can either use independently or with a pre-designated marketing agency. Another option is to work directly with a marketing agency to produce white-label collateral that can be shared with all of your partners. Tools like social media posts, emails, brochures and templated proposals allow your partners to hit the ground running and sell your services more effectively. You may also consider helping partners update and improve their websites or hire an appointment setter to reach out to leads.

The time and money you invest in your partners is ultimately invested in you, so equip your channel partners with the tools they need to close deals and win more. Interested in getting high-quality channel partner sales training and marketing tools for your network? Contact us today to learn what Marketopia can offer.