In today’s world, it’s impossible to sustain a thriving business without the use of technology. That includes integrating technology into your marketing efforts. With digital marketing solutions, you can reach your target audience right where they are. From emails to websites and everything in between, let’s take a closer look at the three best digital marketing practices to integrate into your digital marketing strategy.


Responsive Website Design

To ensure you reach your target audience, your digital marketing plan should include a responsive site. Hitwise found that 58% of users search using their mobile device. Without a mobile-friendly website, you’ll lose out on that search traffic. In fact, Google found that 61% of users flat out refuse to use a site that isn’t mobile friendly.


Social Media Presence

Social Media should not only be used to broadcast your brand, but to build relationships. Responding to comments, even the negative ones, can be vital to boosting your brand loyalty. To remain consistent and increase engagement, consider scheduling posts as part of your digital strategy. This helps make sure you relay information after work hours when prospects are most active and post at a comfortable frequency for your audience.


SEO and SEM Targeting

Guarantee your target audience receives your message with SEO and SEM. By optimizing keywords throughout your website, you’ll ensure prospects find you online. SEM lets you strategically focus on prospects that meet your ideal criteria, including location, via targeted ads. These digital marketing solutions are key to drawing the right traffic and increasing your ROI.

Using these services will help you make the most of digital marketing. But, how do you get started? Do you have the resources to integrate a digital marketing strategy into your current plan and align it with your goals?

Marketopia provides the expertise you need to implement a robust digital marketing strategy. Our digital marketing solutions arm you with a responsive website complete with the best keywords to drive relevant traffic to your site. Our social media experts make sure you connect with your target audience by creating unique content personalized to each platform. To learn how Marketopia can help you get the most mileage out of your digital marketing, contact us today.