4 Reasons Why Pay Per Click (PPC) Can Be Your Key to Online Success

4 Reasons Why Pay Per Click (PPC) Can Be Your Key to Online Success

Whether you’re launching a new website, introducing new products or services, or revamping your marketing initiatives, a great PPC campaign can jumpstart your efforts. Most people think of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media as they contemplate entering the world of online marketing. Although those popular channels are essential to the mix, PPC campaigns can prove to be the silver bullet in your online marketing arsenal.


PPC is a great equalizer for small businesses

A PPC campaign can level the playing field. Small businesses can localize their marketing strategy and effectively compete with the big national ad spends by geo-targeting their specific area and market segments in an extremely efficient manner. PPC campaigns have hundreds of settings and filters that, if set up correctly, can empower small businesses like never before.


PPC campaigns produce results faster than SEO or social media

Generating awareness in the highly competitive environment of online marketing can be vastly time-consuming. SEO and social media campaigns can be intricate and take time to render strong positive results. PPC campaigns can get you on the top of the search results in no time, while also strengthening your other marketing channels.


PPC is a litmus test for SEO and content creation

Standardized keywords you assume may work for your industry may actually work against you. PPC platforms give you immediate specific results on which words convert prospects into engaging customers. This accurate assessment of keyword optimization can’t be matched by keyword planning software or Google Analytics information.


PPC campaigns help build top-of-mind brand awareness

PPC branding campaigns are a clever way to get your brand at the top of Google. Using targeted keyword research, your business can show up at the top of search engines when people are looking for your services. This builds top-of-mind brand awareness and establishes your business as a leader in your industry. Take a look at the results of research by Google/Ipsos MediaCT.


Make PPC part of your online marketing strategy

PPC campaigns are beneficial to online marketing efforts as they can produce fast results for building brand awareness and lead generation. If set up properly, a PPC campaign is a straight shot for online marketing success. PPC and SEO can work together for optimal success as the two major components leading to effective digital marketing.

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