“We’re not like other companies in the channel,” said every technology company—ever. Now, we’re not saying that’s not true, we’re just saying it’s not us you have to convince. Chances are, you’re not the first or only vendor your prospects have considered. Since they don’t have the technical knowledge to truly understand what sets you apart, you’re going to have to engage them with compelling content they can actually understand and digest.

Developing high quality content that’s relevant to your target audience is often all it takes to separate you from your competitors—even if your solutions aren’t all that different. Read on for a few tips to help you improve your website content and attract more customers.


If It Bleeds It Leads

That may sound dramatic but it’s a widely used journalistic principle you can apply to your website writing. Most web users don’t read your website in its entirety, they scan it for what applies to them. If you want to keep your bounce rate low, you’re going to have to put your most compelling content at the top—preferably in bold. Think of your headline text as a news pitch—you need to convince visitors they should read further by accurately describing the text to follow and why they should care.


Don’t Drop the Needle in the Haystack

Don’t make your visitors scroll for the content you promised them. If they found you via google search, they are looking for something specific—which means they’ll get annoyed and bounce off your page if you don’t serve it up immediately. Break up sections of text with sub headers that visitors can easily scan to find the content most relevant to their needs.


Don’t Make It About You

“We this,” and “we that,” is totally boring for new page visitors to read. If you want to capture your readers’ attention, let them know you’re here to help. No one wants to read your autobiography on the homepage. Your prospects are searching for solutions to their challenges and you need to highlight your commitment to them, not all your business accolades. Count the number of time times you’ve written “we” or “us”—if it outnumbers the “you’s,” your copy needs some work.


Keep It Simple

Those gigantic SAT words you studied for months aren’t going to win you any points on the internet. Your prospects don’t want to sift through pages of flowery, complex language to try and figure out if you can help them. The shorter your sentences, the better—and bullet points hit the mark for your target audience. Remember, you’re selling to stakeholders who do not have time for you to beat around the bush. Get to the point if you want to capture the lead.


Hire Someone to Do It for You

Wait—what? Why did we give you these tips just to tell you to hire a writer to do it for you? Because writing compelling copy takes time—and as a business owner, that’s more valuable than whatever you’ll pay to have an experienced writer do it for you. While you’re an expert in all the technical details of your business, you need someone who can research what’s important to your target audience, communicate how you can help them solve problems and expertly wield SEO keywords that ensure the right people find your site. That’s a huge project that takes you away from the key role you play in your business. Can you afford that?

If the answer is no, you’re not alone. That’s why Marketopia provides full-spectrum marketing support to vendors and IT businesses that would prefer to focus on what they know and leave the heavy writing, design and SEO lifting to us. We’ll help you position your brand and solutions in front of the people who need it most—which means you get to help people while growing your bottom line.