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Vendors Achieve Better Results with MSP Content Marketing

by | Feb 6, 2023

Vendors aiming to maximize their MSP partner return in 2023 should focus on providing the right content — from strategic B2B content marketing to professional multichannel campaigns. Here’s what every MSP partner needs to succeed.

Chances are good, your MSP partners aren’t well-versed in creative content marketing. And we’re betting they don’t have any internal marketing resources to lean on either. If you want your MSP partners to successfully expand your reach, generate demand and maximize your return, empower them with the tools to do it.

Be Your Partners’ Best Ally

Good content engages readers and compels them to take action. Writing effective marketing content is a complex task requiring skill, thoughtfulness and patience. Here are a few characteristics of MSP content marketing that get results:

On Strategy

Thoughtful content takes into account specific objectives and desired outcomes.

  • Do you know your audience?
  • Are you educating a new audience on your products and services?
  • Do you want prospects to call you or email you?
  • Do you want prospects to schedule a demo or consultation?
  • Do you want to drive prospects to your website?

On Brand

Positioning, tone, word choice … these are just a few important considerations that go into communicating your brand. Successful creative content marketing calls for consistently on-brand assets to gain trust, build relationships, protect your reputation and ultimately, drive new business. On-brand messaging also communicates your value proposition, consciously and subconsciously conveying what makes your business unique.

Speaks to Your Audience

Effective content marketing demands a good understanding of your target audience. It resonates with relevant messaging, addressing common pain points and challenges, and presenting solutions. Effective marketing content offers value through messaging that your target audience cares about.</p


Strategic content marketing takes advantage of a variety of channels. Each channel has its unique purpose and is crafted in different types and forms. For example, traditional print marketing and social media content will vary in format, length, timing, topic and tone.


Powerful content marketing considers the buying journey. Multi-touchpoint campaigns include multiple assets sent out in a staggered fashion, each with a different message targeting prospects in various stages of their buying journey. For example, an email drip campaign could begin with an educational brand awareness message and end with a more hard-hitting “schedule a demo” message.

Help Your Partners Help You with Professional B2B Content Marketing

Generate leads and maximize your ROI with expertly written through-partner assets, such as:

Digital Content

  • Email Campaigns
  • Landing Pages
  • Blogs
  • Website Content
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • SEM
  • SMM
  • Social media
  • Pay Per Click
  • Video
  • Webinars

Traditional Content

  • Sales Sheets
  • Case Studies
  • eGuides
  • Infographics
  • Press Releases
  • Appointment Setting Scripts

Marketopia Can Help

No one understands vendor challenges and partner needs quite like the marketing professionals at Marketopia. We can provide end-to-end partner program support, from asset strategy and creation to hands-on concierge services. We can also work in concert with your team, filling in the gaps where necessary. Schedule a free vendor growth consultation now.

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