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How To Leverage Social Media for Technology Companies

by | Oct 17, 2022

Establishing your brand to become recognizable by customers is a crucial step to creating a successful enterprise. If you need assistance with establishing your brand or would like to take a deeper look into what brand can mean for your business—check out our previous blog to learn more.

One big part of developing any brand is having a strong social media presence. So, let’s talk about utilizing social media for technology companies to build brand loyalty. Did you know, according to HupSpot, that 37% of consumers name social media as the main reason behind their purchases? Not only does it drive brand awareness, but it also helps to establish and nurture relationships with current and potential prospects. Instead of merely being a name on a receipt, social media can help you engage beyond just a purchase, solidifying that relationship.

Choosing the right social media channels for your business is essential in reaching the right target audience. With more than half of the world’s population active on social media, you’re going to want to leverage that to your advantage.

Here are some best practices that you can follow when utilizing Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

3 Best Practices for Facebook

How do we go about attacking Facebook from a B to B perspective? Facebook is more than just a personal platform and can be utilized from a business perspective—it’s more about how you engage with people and the ways you use the provided tools to achieve maximum leverage.

Tip#1: Multiple Profiles – To Create or Not to Create

Some people like to create multiple profiles, one for business connections and the other for personal life. Don’t be afraid to share personal things on your business profile—not everyone separates business from their everyday lives and creates multiple profiles. Not every personal activity needs to be published on Facebook, but it does help to create these digital relationships with perspective and current prospects by allowing them to get a glimpse into your personal life.

Tip #2: Don’t Overlook Facebook Communities

Social media communities are a great way to network and meet likeminded people. People share the things in the community that you’re doing because you have created something that they find worth sharing. Do not miss out on communities, because they are huge on Facebook. You can find different communities amongst different industries, and you’ll want to join and share your experiences. There are so many opportunities for referral partners inside of your Facebook community if you do it correctly.

Tip #3: Optimize for SEO

Believe it or not, SEO isn’t just for blogs. SEO is huge on Facebook, and you will want to ensure that the content you are creating is optimized and engaging.

3 Best Practices for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is arguably the most powerful B to B tool today for a number of reasons. The employment-oriented service can provide plenty of opportunities to help build connections, network and keep up with upcoming events.

Tip #1: Remember, LinkedIn is the “Google” of Business

LinkedIn is a powerful tool and is often referred to as the “Google” of business because you can do and find anything you want in this platform. If you’re looking for a new hire, a prospect, a new account — how better to find them than on LinkedIn’s search feature.

Tip #2: Build Digital Relationships

Your goal is to get more and more connections to build lasting relationships. So, as you’re building out your target accounts, search them out. There are so many filters in here you could go through and sort out who you’re going after. You’re becoming a thought leader and building a genuine digital relationship with someone with the click of a button.

Tip #3: Don’t Sell Your Services

As you start to post on LinkedIn, remember it is not a place to sell your services. You’re there to build relationships and engage. When you’re linking up with someone, the second that they accept your invitation, don’t send them a syndicated message stating the reason why they need to buy every single thing that you’re selling. Build the relationship and they will come to you.

3 Best Practices for YouTube

With short attention spans today, most people would prefer to watch a video to learn something new. If you aren’t on YouTube, then you are missing the boat completely.

Tip #1: Share and Post Thought Leadership and Product Information

The type of content you want to provide is your expertise, or thought leadership, on what you know the best, your business. Demo videos and conversational topics about what you are passionate about might help people to learn something new and get them excited.

Tip #2: Share Content to Other Platforms

Have fun and share your passion with other people. You can even share a link of your video to other platforms to gain more brand awareness. You can also share links to related articles in your video summary too!

Tip #3: Optimize for SEO

Again, you can utilize SEO for video too! You are going to want to optimize video titles and descriptions.

Let Us Help You Go the Extra Mile

Social media for technology companies is like any other tool. There are ways to use it and ways to leverage it for growth if you do it right. The idea is, once you bake that brand, you spread that story and that value everywhere you can without overselling it. You do it organically and it will eventually lead to revenue.

This is where Marketopia comes in to help you go that extra mile. We specialize in creating engaging social media content, while ensuring that it is optimized for SEO. We want you to thrive and help you to think about unique ways to create content. Contact us today for a free growth assessment and take that leap!

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