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Attracting Right B2B Leads: Dive into Effective Customer Acquisition

by | May 2, 2023

What Is B2B Lead Gen?

Companies talk about B2B lead gen, but what does that mean? Generating B2B leads is described as the process of identifying potential customers that would be interested in buying your products or utilizing services that you have to offer. Sales and marketing teams will typically use a variety of strategies to obtain leads that will guide them into the sales funnel. Because future success and closed deals depend on generating interests from the right audiences, we really want to stress the importance of business-to-business lead generation.

Did you know that according to Hubspot, 61% of marketers rank lead generation as their number one challenge?

Types of Lead Generation Your Business Can Benefit From

Now that you understand what lead generation is, let’s look at the different types of leads that you can expect to find in your sales funnel. Of course, not all leads you are going to find are created equal, but understanding how you can categorize them will help determine how you approach these potential buyers.

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)

An MQL is a lead who has shown interest in what your brand has to offer based on a marketing effort put forth by your business. The exciting factor that can make a MQL qualifying is how the active contact pursues what your business has to offer. These actions can look like:

  • Downloading a free demo or eGuide
  • Filling out an online form
  • Signing up for a newsletter
  • Contacting your business to request more information
  • Adding items to a wish list
  • Visiting a website repetitively

This by no means is a complete list, but it’s a good start when it comes to weeding out leads who would never commit to a sale. Also, never assume that a MQL will turn into a sale.

Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)

The biggest difference between an MQL and a SQL is that at this stage, a prospective customer is ready to talk to your sales team with the intent to purchase. These individuals have typically reached the decision-making stage and are ready to commit to a product and or service that your business has to offer. These types of B2B gen leads should be treated as top priority and followed up with.

Final Note: MQLs and SQLs are ideal for any business, but they don’t just fall out of the sky. By developing a solid lead generation strategy, you can help your business identify ideal customers and ultimately gain access to a broader market that can help generate higher revenues and more business growth.

Were you aware, according to B2B Technology Marketing, that over 40% of marketers believe the biggest barrier to lead generation is lack of resources, budget and staffing?

How We Can Help at Marketopia

Our unique perspective and approach elevate our clients and partners with lead-generating technology to help them gain more leads, more profit and overall, more revenue. We set your business up for success by providing you with the tools you need to better handle B2B lead gen, all under one roof.

Contact us to learn more about our monthly marketing campaigns for prospects and MSPs just like you. Schedule your free MSP growth consultation today.

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