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The Impact of Branding on Your Technology Marketing Company

by | Jul 14, 2022

The Impact of Branding on Your Technology Marketing Company

To an outsider, your brand might just be colors and logos, but in reality, your brand defines who you are as a business. Your brand makes up your entire identity and gives your business personality. Branding has, and will always be, a vital part of your business. How you shape and deliver your brand message is vital in today’s world due to the amount of exposure social media brings to brands. This can be great for customers who are provided with plenty of options, but difficult for businesses trying to get their products and services out there.

Consider this, according to Forbes, you have seven seconds to make a first impression, so your brand needs to be well-designed and convey a clear message from the moment that any prospect views your company for the first time. As an MSP or vendor, how do you differentiate yourself from your competition with such a small window? Let’s be honest: there’s a lot of brands in the tech space, so businesses need to take the extra step to stand out.

Let’s take a deeper look into brand and how an MSP marketing company can help generate more leads and earn more long-term clients by helping you create a great brand strategy.

What’s the DNA of Your Business Brand?

What is a brand? A brand is a promise to provide a service and or product that is better than the competition out there. If you are getting IT services, the promise is that you’re going to be protected. If you are getting lead generation, the promise is that you’re going to get leads and grow your business. Now, if you haven’t built out a brand yet and determined what that promise is going to be, you can go one of two ways:

  1. You can either create it, construct it or narrate your brand message to put out awareness in the community.
  2. You can entrust a technology marketing company to help you create and develop your brand.

Remember, your goal is to curate what you want that brand promise to look like and then deliver on that promise you create.

When it comes to brands, there are a lot of big companies who do branding well like Apple or McDonalds. There shouldn’t be a day where you say to yourself, “I’ve done enough marketing for today.” No matter how big you get, you still need to be creating awareness because your competition can swoop in and take that business away from you. In the end, your goal is to tell clients who you are, what you have to offer, how you are different from the rest and what you stand for. It’s consistency and once you understand your brand story or DNA, then you can start putting it everywhere.

Personal Brand vs. Business Brand

So, you know what a brand is, but what’s the difference between your business brand and personal brand? Personal brand can’t really exist if you don’t have your business brand intact. Every single person inside your business is part of your brand story. The individuals who work for you are a mirror image of what your brand represents, so you’ll want to ensure that they represent you well. Everyone has a personal brand. It’s nothing more than who you are and what you’re passionate about.

So, what goes into making sure that your personal brand and business brand can start to help your bottom line of your company? It starts with relationships and building trust, because once you build trust, you create respect.

Get Active on Social Media

Once you begin to build relationships, you’ll need to get your brand out there. You’ve created this presence and you’re going to want to nurture it into something bigger. By creating a digital presence and becoming active on social media platforms, you’re going to reach people that you need to reach. As an MSP or vendor, your clients are spending more time scrolling through different social platforms, because the average internet user spends a few hours each day on social media. You need to be where they are, and you need to be building your brand where they can see it.

Social media provides this digital sphere of influence and connections that can translate into real currency. You’re building up your digital network and your digital relationships that can connect you to the right people. Maybe your connections don’t need your services, but they might know someone else that might find value connecting with you.

How Can Marketopia Help?

The goal of every business brand is to create a brand that customers are going to recognize and trust. You want to create a brand that customers are going to want to come back to, because building relationships is the heart of establishing a good brand.

We can help you create a brand that stands out from the competition. We want to help you to establish a presence as an MSP or vendor in your community. We are here to manage your marketing needs, whether that’s lead generation, sales support, or boosting your brand. Contact us today for your free Growth Assessment to see where you stand!

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