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5 Signs of Ideal Channel Partners

by | May 4, 2023

How vendors can identify the best

Looking for the right MSP partnerships is a lot like choosing a life partner. The chances of a mutually beneficial relationship are much higher when you start with shared interests, capabilities and vision. So how do you know when you’ve struck partner gold? Here are five ways to know you’ve found the right MSP.

1. They Are Engaged

Some channel partners aren’t focused on selling your product, and/or their resources are spread thin because they represent several vendors. The most successful MSP partners are focused on selling your solutions. They use market development funds (MDF), and they understand your solution beyond just the technical specifications. They take the time to get to learn more about your target audience, pain points, key benefits and value propositions to generate the most demand.

The right MSP partner uses all available resources and capabilities to scale and grow faster.

2. They Are Committed to Growth

As a vendor, you can invest in all the marketing automation platforms, concierge services and high-end support you want, but you won’t see any return if your MSP partner isn’t putting in the time. The right MSP channel partners take advantage of knowledge transfers via webinars, regular updates and interactive sessions. They are proactive, have a desire to be an expert in what they sell, and are invested in long-term partnerships.

The right MSP partner builds trust and maintains a transparent, ongoing engagement.

3. They Communicate

The right MSP partner happily takes your calls. They want to increase alignment with you and keep the lines of communication open. From new marketing materials to cross-channel collaborations, these partners strive to work with you. They provide constructive feedback, telling you what they need to be successful. They ask for technical and marketing resources and training to help them find new opportunities and gain a competitive advantage.

The right MSP partner wants your feedback as well to gauge their own success better.

4. They Support a Mutually Beneficial Relationship

The MSP/vendor relationship can be one-sided. In an attempt to support the MSP partners, vendors provide marketing collateral, MDF, sales support, technical support, concierge services, etc. But, the right MSP partner asks what they can bring to the relationship.

The right MSP partner looks for opportunities to optimize vendor partnerships.

5. They Build Trust

The right MSP channel partners build trust through transparent communication, shared decision-making and behavioral consistency. They share their progress and wins. They collaborate on critical decisions and articulate goals. And they keep their promises.

Marketopia Can Help

From custom through-partner professional marketing materials to MDF support to new MSP partner recruitment, Marketopia offers comprehensive partner solutions all under one roof. Contact us today to schedule a vendor growth assessment.

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