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Boosting MSP Partner MDF Utilization: The Easy Secret

by | Jul 7, 2023

5 Ways Vendors Can Make It Hassle-Free

Marketing development funds (MDF) are a critical component in driving channel growth. But many MSPs sadly end up leaving market development funds on the table. So why do well-intentioned MSPs essentially pass up free money? Because most MDF programs aren’t easy. If you’re a vendor committed to boosting MDF utilization, we’ve got five ways to eliminate the unnecessary hurdles that keep MSP engagement down.

  1. Simplify the MDF Processes
    Many MDF programs are complicated, making it difficult for MSPs to use from the start. Step back and take a fresh look at your processes. Ensure your guidelines are clear, concise and easy to understand. Consider each step, from how to claim MDF funds to the paperwork required for submission. Taking the time to evaluate your program and making the necessary adjustments to simplify the process is a key step in removing the barriers to MDF utilization.
  2. Provide a List of Approved Marketing Partners
    Another way to make the MDF process easier is to offer trusted marketing partners you recommend. MSPs are busy, and they typically don’t have their own in-house marketing resources. They will need support, so eliminate the need to research and vet a firm that specializes in the technology industry and how to maximize MDF. Save MSPs the time and hassle, and provide a list of approved marketing partners.
  3. Offer Ready-To-Go Marketing Materials
    Another way you can boost MDF utilization is through ready-to-go marketing assets that are easy to access and easy to implement. A user-friendly, robust marketing automation platform provides a central hub where MSP partners can take advantage of targeted, multichannel email marketing campaigns, including blogs, direct mail, sell sheets, social media posts, co-branded assets and more. Keep in mind most MSPs don’t have internal marketing resources, so creating effective, strategic marketing assets can be overwhelming. Pre-approved, professional, ready-to-go marketing campaigns go a long way in removing another significant barrier for busy MSPs.
  4. Offer Marketing Concierge Services
    Professional, dedicated marketing concierge services can make or break MSP partner success. These services provide a variety of support from day-to-day project management to hands-on execution and everything in between, including answering questions, facilitating campaign implementation, assisting with claiming funds and more. Experienced concierge professionals understand how MDF work and what MSPs need to maximize every marketing dollar.
  5. Evaluate Your MDF Requirements
    Finally, if you’re committed to boosting MDF utilization, consider if your program requirements make sense for your MSP partners. Think about how you divvy out the MDF funds, the ROI you require and the time frame you request in which you request it. For example, monthly or quarterly MDF is not enough to move the needle. Many vendors make the mistake of approving MDF in such a short time span that it doesn’t allow MSP partners time to provide results.

How Marketopia Can Help

From concierge services to a marketing automation platform complete with pre-built marketing campaigns, Marketopia offers comprehensive MDF support all under one roof. Contact us today to schedule a free vendor growth assessment to learn more.

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