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Vendor Support of MSPs: Why Content is Important

by | Feb 1, 2024

In IT channel marketing, the collaboration between vendors and managed service providers (MSPs) plays a pivotal role in delivering technology solutions to end-users; however, MSPs often feel ill-equipped to support end-users because they don’t have the right level of internal support from their vendors.

High-quality content, when provided by vendors to their MSP partners, can significantly impact the success of both parties, and yet it’s an aspect that can sometimes be overlooked by IT support vendors.

In this article, we’re going to explain why content creation is one of the fundamentals of IT vendor management best practices, and how by providing an abundance of content, you can ensure full-charge MSP marketing from your partners that drives results for both of you.


The Crucial Role of MSPs in IT Channel Marketing


MSPs are essential intermediaries in the IT channel ecosystem, bridging the gap between vendors and end-users. Their role extends beyond service delivery; they play a crucial part in marketing and client engagement, but MSPs often face challenges in establishing a strong online presence and effectively reaching their target audience.

Some of the issues MSPs have in effectively selling solutions and products to end-users are caused by a lack of supporting content from vendors. An MSP partner is only as good as their vendor, and if you’re a vendor that gives your MSP partners little to no content to work with, they’ll struggle to position your product to end-users – especially if they themselves don’t understand it.


The Impact of Quality Content on MSP Success


No matter what you’re doing within your business, content is the backbone of everything. Without content, no one knows what’s going on. As an IT services vendor, it is your responsibility to provide good quality, usable content to your MSP partners; their success hinges on it.

Whether it’s building credibility, establishing thought leadership or nurturing client relationships, content plays a multifaceted role. MSPs with a robust content strategy tend to enjoy enhanced brand recognition and a competitive edge in the market, and this has an upward benefit to you as a vendor. Their success is your success.


Types of Vendor Content that Resonate with MSPs


Not all content is created equal, and understanding the types that resonate with your MSPs is crucial for vendors aiming to provide effective support. It’s always best to reach out directly to your partners to see what types of content they think will work best for their end-users, but as a starting point, here are some key content types that your MSPs could find valuable:




Whitepapers are in-depth, authoritative documents that explore complex topics, present solutions and offer insights. For MSPs, whitepapers serve as valuable resources to understand intricate technologies, industry trends, and best practices. Vendors can support MSPs by creating whitepapers that simplify complex subjects, providing actionable knowledge for both internal understanding and external client education.


Case Studies


Case studies are real-world examples of how your vendor solutions have addressed specific challenges and delivered positive outcomes for end-users. MSPs tend to find immense value in case studies as they showcase practical applications and the tangible benefits of your products or services, which they can then communicate to potential clients to build trust and credibility.




Blogs are a versatile and timely content type that allow MSPs to share insights, industry news and expertise with their audience. As a vendor, you can support your MSPs by providing well-researched blog topics, infographics and other resources that they can use on their own digital platforms to improve their visibility and engagement with end-users.




Videos are a visually engaging way to convey information, making complex concepts more digestible. MSPs can lean on videos for things like product demonstrations and tutorials, allowing them to engage with end-users in a better way. As a vendor, you can support MSPs by creating high-quality video content that can be used internally for training or externally on a wide range of online platforms.




eBooks are comprehensive, downloadable resources that dive deep into specific topics or provide in-depth guides. MSPs tend to appreciate eBooks as they serve as valuable assets for lead generation and client education. As a vendor, an eBook is a great way to showcase your solutions in a detailed format to aid product knowledge and equip them with all the information they need to effectively market your services.


Challenges Faced by MSPs without Proper Vendor Support


Effective content support can be a game-changer, but the absence of it can lead to significant challenges for MSPs. From struggles in client acquisition to difficulties in client retention and overall business growth, inadequate content support can really stifle the success of your MSP partners. As part of your IT vendor performance metrics, you need to be looking at your partners and assessing how they’re doing and where you can step in to provide support.


How Vendors Can Provide Effective Content Support


Understanding the unique needs of your partner MSPs is paramount to your success. A big part of successful IT vendor management is thinking strategically about how you can support the next link in the IT channel chain, and understanding how everything you do (or don’t do) can impact your partners.

With this in mind, you need to make sure all your solutions and services are backed up by content – and lots of it. You should be giving your MSPs bountiful resources that answer all their questions and more – even pre-empting what end-users might ask.

Due to the impact of content, it’s important that what you put out is high quality, well thought out and tailored to your partners. This is no mean feat, but that’s where we can help.


Content Creation Services from Marketopia


At Marketopia, we are an award-winning, global marketing powerhouse for vendors, MSPs and everyone else in the IT channel. Founded by people who worked extensively in the channel, we have an intimate understanding of the symbiotic relationship between vendors and MSPs, and how content creation plays a vital role in all sales and marketing campaigns.

We offer comprehensive, turnkey marketing services for the IT channel, including content creation that covers blogs, whitepapers, eBooks, eGuides, video production and more. If you’re a vendor and want to start better supporting your MSPs with outstanding content, speak to us.

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