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Marketopia Sales: Crafting a Winning Sales Process

by | Oct 13, 2023

In today’s dynamic business landscape, a sales process is essential for success, as word-of-mouth leads alone may not guarantee a sale. Whilst valuable, word-of-mouth referrals differ from your traditional leads because part of the selling is already done for you. To sustain growth and stay competitive, evolving your sales process is critical. Adapting strategies to meet modern market demands and embracing change will pave the way for continued growth.

The Sales Process Overview

Let us introduce to you the Marketopia Sales Methodology, your sure-fire way to staying agile, seizing opportunities and cultivating stronger customer relationships. Here are five steps you need to follow to establish your tech business for enduring success, utilising the best sales process available.

Initial Conversation

The first impression is a pivotal moment when you introduce prospects to your services, typically over the phone or in a video conference. The initial conversation sets the tone for the relationship and can significantly impact their perception of your services. Mastering this step is key to earning the right to another meeting, which you want to conquer 95% of the time. Make the most of this crucial opportunity, and you will open the door to the next step.

Business Technology and Risk Assessment

Your first in-person meeting is a critical opportunity to listen, learn and connect with your prospect. During this encounter, your primary focus should be to understand their needs, pain points and aspirations. This deep understanding of their company and specific requirements helps to build trust and credibility, which can lead to an impressive 90% success rate in converting opportunities. By nurturing this initial connection, you can lay the foundation to make it to the next step of the sales process.

Technical Assessment

The technical onsite assessment is a crucial step where you delve deeper into finding effective solutions. You should consider bringing solution engineers along who can thoroughly analyze the prospect’s pain points by assessing their infrastructure and proposing suitable remedies. Your aim is to create a sense of urgency, fear and doubt highlighting the critical need for action. By the end of this meeting, your goal is to demonstrate value to secure a proposal and presentation opportunity 85% of the time. This stage is pivotal in showcasing commitment that can drive you forward to the next step.

Proposal and Presentation

During the proposal and presentation, your goal is to focus on both the pain points of the prospect and highlight what is working well. This comprehensive approach demonstrates a deep understanding of their needs and strengths. Reinforce your capabilities with a strong guarantee, assuring them of the quality and effectiveness of your solutions. The goal is to secure a contract agreement for 80% of all the opportunities, which will lead you to the last step—closing the deal.

Contract Agreement

The final mission is to get everyone on board, ensuring that all decision-makers are delighted with your proposed solutions. Reiterate the unparalleled value you offer, addressing their unique needs and aspirations. You should aim for a close ratio between 25-50%, securing a substantial number of successful agreements that lead to transformative partnerships.

Congrats, you now understand how to create a sales process!

Final Note: The business landscape is competitive in today’s digital world and the significance of evolving your best sales process cannot be overstated. The Marketopia Sales Methodology can help your tech business embrace innovation and provide continuous improvement in your sales process. Let’s take the next step and close more deals together—contact a growth consultant to schedule your complimentary growth assessment today.

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