vendor marketing

As a vendor, your priorities are gaining net-new resellers and agents as well as increasing revenue through existing partners. To do both, you need marketing. You may already have an internal marketing team, but have you thought about how teaming up with an agency can help you grow even faster?


Here’s the top three benefits of partnering with an agency for vendor marketing:


Save Money

There’s a great difference in price points between hiring an in-house team versus an agency. Think about the dollars you’ll save when you don’t need to pay payroll taxes, benefits, healthcare costs, or any of the expensive tools and software a marketing team would need to run and track marketing campaigns.


Lose the Complexity

With any new-hire, there’s always a training period. Even when that’s over, you’ll still need to spend time managing them and making sure they stay on task. But, by hiring an agency, it’s a completely different relationship. There’s no training or managing to deal with, allowing you to focus on keeping your partners happy.


Access a Team of Experts

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for a marketing manager is $83,220 and that’s only the cost of a single employee. With an agency, you get access to an entire team of channel marketing experts. Plus, who better to help you tap into your ideal partner mindset than someone who built one of the nation’s most successful MSPs—and assembled a powerhouse team of forward-thinking channel pros?

The Marketopia team is comprised of experienced writers, designers and appointment setters. Our vendor solutions will help you optimize your resources, extend your reach and streamline every aspect of sales and marketing. You can count on us to help your in-house experts, fill a missing specialty for your team or handle it all.

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