Case Studies

OnPar Technologies

Going All-In with a New Look and Improved Marketing

Jeremy McParlan, CEO
Client since Nov. 2018

Leads from Marketopia resulted in more than $13,000 in monthly recurring revenue and more than $57,000 in project work during 2019.


With no dedicated marketing staff, OnPar Technologies was having a hard time getting any traction with their marketing efforts. Improving processes to bring in new leads, sales and referrals required a dedicated marketing partner.


OnPar went all in to improve their marketing by signing a Mach 4 plan, which included an updated website, a full-time business development representative (BDR) and other marketing services. They also added a logo redesign and sales enablement tools, giving them a fresh look and collateral for new sales opportunities.


The revamped website and a full-time caller helped OnPar obtain a steady flow of qualified leads. These leads resulted in an influx of new clients with more than $57,000 in projects and $13,000 in monthly recurring revenue (MRR) during 2019.
All around, our relationship with Marketopia is the equivalent of having a marketing director on staff but without the headaches of having another body on staff.

– Jeremy McParlan, CEO of OnPar Technologies 

Full-Time BDR

To keep the sales pipeline flowing, OnPar elected to have a full-time BDR call potential leads, learn about their needs and pain points, then determine if they might be a good candidate. Once identified, the BDR sets up a technology survey meeting on behalf of OnPar.

New Website

With the logo completed, Marketopia’s digital, content and creative marketing experts began reconfiguring OnPar’s site to make it easier for potential and current clients to find the information they needed.

New Logo

While working on the revamped website, OnPar decided it was time to redesign their logo. Jeremy McParlan, the CEO of OnPar, compared his 12-year-old logo to an old car that worked but was showing its age. McParlan loved OnPar’s new logo and regretted not doing it sooner.


To complete their marketing overhaul, OnPar ordered a Sales Jet Pack in November 2019. This business in a box included product sell sheets, proposal templates, presentation decks, document templates, contracts and video training on how to use the Sales Jet Pack to grow your business.