Business growth is all about planning for the future. Taking on that responsibility alone can be a heavy burden. That’s why a dedicated account management professional is the key to your long-term success.

Your Marketopia customer success coach (CSC) is supported by a full-service marketing agency. Your CSC works as a consultant to brainstorm ideas, help you make informed business decisions and work within your budget to create marketing and sales solutions that boost your bottom line. Your CSC is the go-between that keeps your decision-makers and our agency team connected by leveraging their own marketing and project expertise.


Your dedicated success coach is an advocate for your growth, helping you make the most of your investments to boost lead generation and bring in more leads, more sales and more profit. Your customer success coach is also your project manager, keeping things moving in the right direction. With your Marketopia success coach, you can expect someone who:

  1. 1Manages your projects, deliverables and account
  2. 2Understands your business and goals
  3. 3Helps you work better with your vendors
  4. 4Identifies growth opportunities
  5. 5Connects you to a support community
  6. 6Helps you create a growth strategy

  1. Manages your projects, deliverables and account
  2. 2

  3. Understands your business and goals
  4. 3

  5. Helps you work better with your vendors
  6. 4

  7. Identifies growth opportunities
  8. 5

  9. Connects you to a support community
  10. 6

  11. Helps you create a growth strategy
  1. 7Creates a plan for implementing strategies
  2. 8Advises on the best ROI for your investments
  3. 9Reports on the results of my projects
  4. 10Provides feedback on my goal progress
  5. 11Acts as a true business partner

  1. Creates a plan for implementing strategies
  2. 8

  3. Advises on the best ROI for your investments
  4. 9

  5. Reports on the results of my projects
  6. 10

  7. Provides feedback on my goal progress
  8. 11

  9. Acts as a true business partner

According to Harvard Business Review, high-performing organizations continue to succeed by closely monitoring, strictly enforcing and automating sales processes. Your customer success coach provides a long-term approach to account management that extends beyond the wrap-up of a single project. Our team is tracking every detail of your account to help you grow your business faster.

If you’re prepared to connect with a marketing and lead generation expert who is focused on the success of your business, it’s time to take a closer look at account management with a Marketopia customer success coach. Let us know how we can help you meet—and then exceed—your biggest business goals.



57% of B2B prospects and customers think their sales teams aren’t prepared for the first meeting, according to IDC. That’s a risk you can’t afford. Our training solutions help your team understand how to use the IT sales lead generation tools we provide and implement best practices that help them close deals faster with courses including how to hire the right people, building a lead database, creating a referral network and more.


Amping up your IT sales lead generation empowers your sales team to make a bigger impact. Comprehensive sales tools boost your bottom line by giving your reps exactly what they need for success. With Marketopia’s sales tools in your arsenal, your team will have insight from experts who have been in the trenches. Rely on our tools to help you track leads, manage prospecting and give your full team visibility into processes that matter.


Get in touch with the Marketopia team to discover all of the ways we can support your business as you grow. Whether you’re looking for sales training, appointment setting, marketing and sales collateral or something else to boost your lead generation, we’re here to help.

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