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Peer Groups

A Proven Secret to Success

Discover why some of the most successful people in the IT industry participate in peer groups. These hidden gems offer unique opportunities to discuss topics ranging from sales to recruiting to business strategy with people who speak your unique language.

Get Inspired. Get Motivated.

This is your opportunity to network, connect and learn from over 200 successful MSPs and growth experts who have achieved extraordinary success.

Get a New Perspective

We ensure your Marketopia Peer Group won’t include competitors, so you can be open and honest in these safe spaces. Benefit from critical feedback and candid input from those who are where you want to be.

Work on Your Business, Not in It

We all need time to get away from the day-to-day to see the big picture. Collaborating with your peers and sharing best practices can help you overcome tough challenges and identify hidden opportunities.

Make New Connections

Connect formally in-person, virtually and via conference calls or through ad hoc meetings and conversations.​ Engaging peer groups foster an environment of new innovative approaches to solving tough problems.

Peer Group Topics

Peer group topics are decided by members like you​. Recent topics have included “Overcoming the First “NO,” Active Listening to Find Opportunities” and “The Marketopia Sales Methodology.”

Join Us

Peer groups meet virtually twice a month and in person every quarter. Membership includes access to 4U2GROW, Marketopia’s eLearning platform, and access to our Facebook community. For information on becoming a peer group member, contact us.

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