4 Ways Outbound Marketing Can Help You in the New Year 

4 Ways Outbound Marketing Can Help You in the New Year 

It’s 2020, and everyone knows inbound marketing campaigns are here to stay. But neglecting outbound marketing campaigns is the easiest way to leave money on the table when it comes to closing deals, and industry leaders are taking note.

Fortunately, outbound marketing services have evolved alongside technology, and the channel’s top businesses know how to take advantage of these developments.

Marketers are no longer relegated to bombarding the masses with irrelevant(and often ignored) ads on billboards or commercials. Instead, nuanced messages are reaching primary prospects via other channels, allowing appointment setters, speakers, and companies to connect with consumers in a more meaningful way than ever before.

 Outsource Your Outbound Marketing Needs

Tech-savvy businesses are learning to target their desired audiences using highly specific messages, in part because of the digital receipts we leave on a daily basis. This data enables marketers to supplement their digital marketing campaigns with traditional strategies, with the two strategies working in tandem to close deals and improve your bottom line.

In this blog, we’ll explore how you can use the latest outbound marketing tools to secure clients, increase revenue and scale your business in the new year.


What is Outbound Marketing?

Outbound marketing involves direct communication between your business and your potential prospects. Yes, developing leads via content marketing is critical, but following up with traditional modes of person-to-person communication minimizes the risk of customers being lost in a sea of videos, webinars and podcasts.

The easiest way to watch your business grow via lead generation is by supplementing the latest inbound marketing strategies with tried-and-true outbound techniques.


Appointment Setting

Never underestimate the power of interpersonal communication—even in the digital age. For those times when you can’t connect with prospects face-to-face, outbound calling is key. In fact, industry thought leaders believe that the outbound call is perhaps the final and most important step in B2B outbound marketing campaigns. Roughly 90% of leads can be generated through these interactions, so ignoring them should not be an option. Hiring tenacious and productive employees ensures your person-to-person contact has a human touch—which is exactly what you need to do to take your business to the next level.


Speaking Engagements

Everyone knows that delivering a message in person can have a huge impact on how your marketing team attracts and delights audience. Landing a speaking engagement can be a huge opportunity for your brand, but you could be missing out on important leads if you don’t follow through with these contacts. Getting people’s attention is only the first step. To convert these leads into customers, you must continue to communicate with them long after the event concludes. Outbound marketing practices can inform prospects about events and encourage them to register and attend—but targeted post-event communication is the best way to convert these warm leads into your newest clients.


Targeted Paid Ads

Inbound marketing strategies are great for those who are already searching for information, services and products online, but the benefits of digital marketing extend beyond that. Metadata allows companies to continually collect information about consumer preferences and habits, enabling the best organizations to design more effective and relevant outbound messages. Developing highly targeted ads, videos, direct mailers and newsletters may be expensive, but it can improve the odds of your company finding the right prospects at the right time and via the right channel.


Personalized Messages

The cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign is the cultivation of a personal and authentic voice that your brand can use to turn leads into clients or customers. Outbound marketing services facilitate the delivery of your carefully crafted messages and emails by endowing them with a human touch. Personalized scripts can help outbound marketing campaigns by empowering a calling team to be more profitable.


Outbound Marketing and ROI

Inbound marketing services like content creation may be cheaper to outsource than, say, appointment setting, but at what cost? Striking a balance between the two approaches is the best way to generate leads and secure new clients.


How Marketopia Can Help

Contact us today to learn more about how we can take care of your outbound needs. Doing so will free up time to stay focused on your business’s primary mission.

You might be wondering how outbound marketing techniques could help you and your team break records and reach new heights. Like anything in the professional realm, not all outbound campaigns are created equally. Hiring quality staff is the only way to guarantee that your needs are met.

You don’t have to go it alone.

Our expert appointment setters are trained to turn warm leads into sales, content into conversions and prospects into clients. Contact us today  to learn more about how our vision for your success can become a reality.


A Year in Review: The 2019 MSP Industry 

A Year in Review: The 2019 MSP Industry 

Between victories, pain points, changes and trends, 2019 has been quite a year. A lot has gone on in the IT industry and managed service provider channel – especially in matters dealing with cybersecurity and hacking. In this blog, we’ll take a look back at all things 2019, including industry news, channel headlines, Marketopia highlights and take a peek at what 2020 will bring.


2019 Industry News & What’s to Come in 2020


Email Phishing

Email phishing attacks have been a mainstay of cybersecurity threats for decades now, and this metric didn’t change for 2019. According to Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report, 32 percent of confirmed data breaches were due to phishing, with a further 78 percent from cyber-espionage attacks. A trend growing in popularity with cybercriminals is the use of deceit to trick their intended victims into giving up personal information, login credentials or even the transfer of currency. These attacks are not just confined to email, either. SMS and direct messages on LinkedIn have grown in popularity due to their effectiveness.


Data Privacy, Sovereignty & Compliance

The European Union has started a revolution in data protection, and their move to return full control of data back to citizens has been noticed around the world. The introduction of their General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May of last year has caused countries, states and industries alike to more closely examine their data privacy regulations into 2019. The push is to let internet users know how their information will be shared and give them the option to opt out of sharing at any time. Failure by the visited entity to remain in this compliance would result in severe penalties. This will also help user’s personal data to stay more secure from hackers as it will not be spread about in as many locations. Entities that do receive opt-in data are required to encrypt it as well.


Cyber Security Spend Will Increase

Considering upping your cybersecurity budget? You aren’t alone. According to IDC, global spend on cybersecurity solutions like hardware, software and services is anticipated to top $103 billion in 2019 alone – an estimated increase of 9.4 percent over 2018. This rate of spend growth isn’t expected to stop in the next decade, either. Entities in banking, federal/central governments and discrete manufacturing are expected to be the three largest investors in bolstering their cybersecurity with more than $30 billion combined. Also, this year, process manufacturers, professional service providers and telecommunication companies will each see spending greater than $6 billion this year to protect their data.


Danger in the Cloud

Virtually everything businesses do today is in the cloud – this is why it’s a major target for cyber-attacks. It takes something as simple as intercepting a password, sensitive emails or credit card information, and cybercriminals can gain access to one, many or all the files in cloud storage. Implementing two-factor authentication and VPN security is the best defense against these sorts of attacks moving forward. Both have gained popularity with businesses, especially ones that use or provide infrastructure as a service (IaaS). It helps them mitigate issues from spam email, cybercriminals and other malicious attacks.


Company Highlights

  • Between October 9 – 11, Marketopia hosted our annual 4U2GROW conference at the Opal Sands Resort on Clearwater Beach, FL. Here, several industry leaders, including our CEO Terry Hedden, spoke about all things growth in the IT and MSP industry.
  • This year we again celebrated being named one of INC 5000’s fastest-growing businesses in the country, placing 875th overall.
  • The Tampa Bay Business Journal listed Marketopia as one of its best places to work for 2019, and our leadership team couldn’t be prouder to make this list. We’re honored to be recognized locally as a sought-after place of employment. Listees are selected based on anonymous employee feedback that looks at everything from work-life balance to professional growth opportunities and employee benefits.


How Marketopia Can Help

It has been a year full of exciting changes – but have you made the right ones for your MSP to flourish in the next decade? Resolve to start your 2020 the right way with Marketopia. We have the knowledge and tools to help you succeed in the ever-changing MSP landscape. We have roots in this channel, and our team of experts will help you increase customer demand for your services. Contact us today to get started.


Top 10 Ways to Differentiate Your Products as an MSP

Top 10 Ways to Differentiate Your Products as an MSP

Look across the IT channel. What do you see? A lot of the same, most likely. If you removed the logo from your brand and services, would your MSP look or read any differently from your competitors? These days, there is an increasing amount of parity across products. You can invest so much in enhancements just to have competitors copy it. As a product or industry matures, parity increases exponentially over time. In this blog, we’ll explore 10 ways you can differentiate your MSP product offerings from the rest.


1. Learn to Get Leads

As a managed service provider, each decision you make is geared towards the improvement, growth and success of your business. We want you to learn how to obtain and retain your leads. There is a precise combination of things you must do to be successful. It’s a fine balance of learning to sell your services in a unique way and combining it with competitive pricing. But most importantly, you need to specialize in the services you offer so you can provide the most efficient services.


2. Invest in Marketing Collateral

Spread the word about your services to your leads. Marketing collateral is essentially all the media you will use to bolster and promote the sales of your product. Marketing collateral can be brochures, sell sheets or any kind of informational medium that serves as a sales support tool. It provides leads with a comprehensive outline of what you’re about and what you offer, plus it makes the sales effort easier and more effective.


3. Mind Your Mentor

Leverage the knowledge you need from someone who has dealt with product differentiating issues before. Having a mentor is a great way to give your MSP an edge over your competition. A good mentor will be familiar with the tactics used in your geographic area, as well as the ones in use nationally. This way, you can both bounce ideas off of each other and devise the best way to package what your MSP offers.


4. Sales Training is in Session

Now that you’re well informed about your services and you know how to present them, it’s time to learn how to make a deal. With sales training sessions, you can gather the tools you need to capture the interest of your prospective clients. There are many nuanced tips and tricks you will gain in these trainings. They’ll culminate for you to make your prospects feel well informed and reassured that you’ll continually deliver them value as a trusted business partner.


5. Close Better

You’ve gotten your prospects’ attention; now it’s time to have them sign the dotted line. Closing the deal may seem like it’s the final step in the process, but in reality, there is still work to do. The art of closing a deal is affirming in your client’s mind that you will meet or exceed expectations regarding the deal you both have agreed on. A closed deal should be thought of as an investment that must be tended to regularly.


6. Post-Sales Support

The deal has closed, the funds are flowing in and your team is hard at work to fulfill contractual requirements. But your work isn’t over. You need to remain in contact with your client and ensure that they’re happy with the current progress. See if improvements can be made and diversify your efforts in aspects that aren’t panning out in the most optimized way. This also provides you the opportunity to sell other solutions to better client results.


7. Best Practices

As a savvy MSP, you can provide the best experience to your clients by not only continuing to invest in the product but also in the partnership you have with your clients. Our experience has shown time and time again that even if a competitor offers a greater range of services at a higher price, you can still compete with less if the partnerships you establish are strong and beneficial to their bottom line.


8. Get Templates for Your Documents

Having an established and uniformed assortment of paperwork like proposal templates, service-level agreements (SLAs) and other contracts will expedite all business transactions and give your MSP a sense of established professionalism. You can use templates and modify them to precisely suit your needs over time.


9. Make Doing Business Easier

You may have a very challenging partner program with a lot of certifications and requirements, but over time they get bloated and are overwhelming for smaller resellers. Make it easier for smaller partners to do business with your MSP. Do regular audits of your processes and make sure each step is absolutely necessary and straight-forward.


10. Conferences

Put everything you know, all that you can offer and what you have already done on display for the world to see. Conferences are your all-in-one tool to teach current and potential clients how they can better run their business with your MSP by their side. This is your opportunity to gain a lot of new business. Give presentations that focus on the biggest concerns in the channel and how your solutions are perfectly dialed-in to handle them. Invite industry professionals to speak in support of the points you wish to make and have clients who have had great success from your services speak on your behalf.


How Marketopia Can Help

Whether you need assistance becoming a better partner to your own clients, defining your brand or bringing on new ideas from outside the MSP world to grow your business, Marketopia has the unique skill set to help you stand out from the competition and grow. Contact one of our success coaches today and find out how we can be your partner in success.


Busting MSP Myth #5: My Business is Too Unique

Busting MSP Myth #5: My Business is Too Unique

In this blog series, we’ve talked about the belief that MSPs are too expensive, shared info to combat the concern that MSP are determined to replace your existing team, learned how to refute the idea that MSPs won’t give you the support you need when you need it and looked at a major concern: MSPs as a security risk. Now we’re diving into the final installment in this five-part blog series.


My Business is Too Different to Work with an MSP

Your clients spend every day thinking about the specific things that differentiate them from their competitors. Everything from their marketing efforts and event presence to their approach to sales is centered on communicating exactly how unique they are when compared to their competitors.

Because it’s such a focus for them, it’s only natural for your current and prospective clients to see themselves as incredibly unique…which leads to the concern that signing on with an MSP will leave them tethered to a business partner who just doesn’t understand their unique needs and concerns. So, when you have a client asking, “What do MSPs do to help my unique business?” we’ve got the answers.


Make Work Simpler

This is your chance to ease their minds by reassuring them that an MSP’s job is all about custom support. You’ll be dedicated to working with them, solving their specific IT business concerns and delivering the peace of mind they’ll get from knowing they can hand off their IT concerns to experts.

MSP vs internal IT – busting MSP mythsVariety is the spice of life, and it’s also the key to an MSP’s success. Because you offer so many different services and solutions to support your clients, you’ll be able to meet their needs—from infrastructure and security to storage and compliance—because you’ll be providing predictable, proactive support that keeps them growing and thriving. That value is central to the importance of managed services.


The Foundation for Success

The truth, as you well know, is that MSPs deliver the foundation for their clients’ long-term success. Your clients, however, might need a little more convincing when it comes to understanding managed services as a growth tool. That’s why we’re delivering the information you need to combat MSP myths and get down to the business of helping your clients succeed. Download our guide to Busting MSP Myths today.


Busting MSP Myth #4: I’ll Be Putting Security at Risk

Busting MSP Myth #4: I’ll Be Putting Security at Risk

In our last blog, we share how you can combat the idea that MSPs won’t give you the support you need when you need it . In other series blogs, we also covered the common myth that MSPs are determined to replace your existing team, and the myth that MSPs are too expensive. Now let’s take a look at a major concern: security.

Are your clients still on the fence when it comes to relying on an MSP vs internal IT? Do they worry that it will mean a serious risk to their security? They’re not alone, but we’re here to dispel that myth with some serious facts to help you ease their concerns and earn their business.

70% of businesses would prefer to pay for support in matters of cybersecurity, rather than do it themselves.
Your clients are likely among those businesses, focused on keeping security strong but not armed with the right staff, resources or expertise to take it on in-house. So now they’re worried about how to staff up or working on understanding managed services and how they might be able to help.


What Do MSPs Do?MSP vs internal IT – busting MSP myths

Well, when it comes to security, a lot. Security is one of the top five concerns for businesses all over the world right now, which means your clients are just as worried about it as you are. But handing over access to their most important data and systems makes your clients understandably nervous about security risks. It’s up to you to help them understand that you’re on their side, an expert in locking down their security and ready to make security simpler.

Your clients need to hear that you have their security top of mind. Help reassure them by reinforcing your focus on being ahead of new attacks, and recommit to your position as their cloud guru, ready and able to help them move everything to the cloud without risking their vital information.


Advanced Security Protection

Just like the rest of the managed service provider industry, you are devoting time and resources to making sure your clients can work on-site or migrate to the cloud with minimal downtime and maximum protection. As you speak to current and potential clients, let them know that security is one of the main reasons a company will choose to work with an MSP, and help them see that you’re the one who will armor their businesses against threats, allowing them to focus on growing faster thanks to your proactive protection.

If you’re talking to companies looking for IT managed services, leverage security as a foot in the door instead of a roadblock. Counter their concerns with your expertise, dedication and focus, and you’ll start seeing the benefits as new and existing clients turn to you for their security needs.

It’s time to get the information you need to combat MSP myths and get down to the business of helping your clients succeed. Download our guide to Busting MSP Myths today.