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3 Proven B2B Sales Enablement Tools for MSPs

by | Mar 2, 2023

Like many businesses, today’s managed service providers are focused on getting more leads to the finish line. And while it may be difficult to teach the art of selling, MSPs and their sales teams can benefit from sales coaching and enablement tools proven to close more deals.

Even the most seasoned sales executive can benefit from sales coaching. After all, success in life and business calls for continuous learning. Let’s explore three strategies that can empower your MSP sales team with the tools and confidence to nurture more leads to signed contracts.

1-Small Business Sales Training

Live and online small business sales training courses are a great way to learn new sales coaching methods and brush up on proven best practices. Be sure to offer your team convenient, on-demand course options that make it easy for busy professionals to incorporate training into their schedules.

You can find a wide variety of B2B sales enablement courses specific to MSPs and led by industry professionals. Topics include how to:

  • Handle common objections diplomatically
  • Sell solutions for maximum ROI
  • Apply sales process best practices
  • Master the first meeting

Some courses may even lead to industry certifications.

Sales coaching tip: Successful salespeople always consider the end user. Speak to the pain points you can solve and show prospects how you provide value.

2-B2B Sales Enablement Peer Groups

Peer groups are a unique opportunity to share lessons learned with other MSPs who speak your language. Meet other professionals experiencing the same challenges and making the most of the same opportunities. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs regularly participate in peer groups for their invaluable teachings and connections.

Make the most of your peer group experience by:

  • Actively participating as a member of the group
  • Being honest about your successes and failures
  • Arriving prepared to contribute to the agenda

Sales coaching tip: MSPs who attend peer groups and industry events have a competitive advantage in sharing wins and losses with like-minded professionals.

3-Private Sales Coaching and Consultation

Many MSPs offer private consultations to their clients, so it’s no surprise that many MSPs are seeking out consultative services of their own. After all, who can’t benefit from objective advice from a trusted professional? Working with an outside consultant specializing in sales strategy can help MSPs close more B2B sales leads and realize new levels of growth through:

  • In-depth assessments of sales strengths and weaknesses
  • Personalized training exercises to fill in identified gaps
  • Recommendations on sales process efficiencies
  • Documentation of sales practices, goal setting and quotas

Sales coaching tip: You must be patient and methodical to earn the right to get to the next step in the sales process.

Marketopia Can Help

Marketopia provides proven B2B sales enablement solutions tailored to MSPs. Through a combination of live and virtual training sessions, peer groups and one-on-one consultations, we can help you close more B2B sales leads and drive long-term business success.

Comprehensive sales solutions all under one roof:

  • eLearning portal with 70+ sales and marketing training courses
  • Monthly live sales training courses presented by Terry Hedden — CEO of Marketopia and previous owner of one of the most successful MSPs in the southeast
  • Custom professional collateral, including sales sheets, email campaigns, presentation templates, contracts, tool kits, referral programs and more
  • Quarterly, onsite GROW sales peer groups
  • GROWCON — our annual event teaching MSPs how to grow their business
  • Sales pursuit coaching and growth strategy consulting

Contact us today to schedule your growth consultation.

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