Be There to Grow Your MSP: Autotask Community Live! 2015

Be There to Grow Your MSP: Autotask Community Live! 2015

Spring is in the air. Summer is right around the corner. And Autotask Community Live! 2015 is almost here … May 17-19 to be exact!

So, what’s that mean for you and your MSP business this weekend in Miami?

Autotask Community Live! is all about education and networking. It’s an event slated for giving you better opportunities to learn and build relationships. The end game is to set up your business for steady streams of recurring revenue.

Among the many activities and sessions is Autotask’s Technology Showcase. This allows you to get up close and personal with Autotask, its tech partners and thought leaders. You can travel from booth to booth seeing various solution demos that are designed to elevate your business to greater success.

Just being able to network is well worth the trip. More than 800 industry leaders attend Autotask Community Live. That means plenty of chances to share ideas and learn from industry experts. Add in the educational sessions, and the event is vital for your business and the managed IT services you provide your clients.

Get this … historical trends show that an MSP has grown its revenue an average of 20% year-over-year just from the industry takeaways of attending Autotask.

If bolstering your recurring revenue isn’t enough, there’s one more reason to pack your bags, sunscreen and shades and head to South Florida. Marketopia, a demand-gen and marketing service vendor to watch as named by The ChannelPro Network, will be there!

This year, Marketopia is a proud sponsor of Autotask Community Live. Our CEO, Terry Hedden, recently selected a Top 50 Channel Influencer by Penton Technology Group’s The VAR Guy, is speaking and will be meeting with attendees to talk sales and marketing strategies. You can find him on the floor of the Trump National Doral at booth #T3.

Terry’s 45-minute session is entitled “How to Build a Managed IT & Cloud Sales Team that Delivers.” This can’t-miss talk is part of the Managed Services Track. It begins at 1PM on Monday, May 18.

During his session, Terry will discuss best practices to hire, compensate, manage and inspire a sales team. The goal is to achieve quotas for your MSP. He will also explore how his system ensures sales pipelines are filled and how to consistently close managed IT and cloud deals.

By the end of his session, you should expect to have a better understanding of established ways to grow your business using a proven sales methodology and marketing process. What’s in it for you? If you do it just right, your new streams of recurring revenue for your business.

Afterward, and at the booth, Terry and the Marketopia team are available to answer questions, offer advice and provide solutions to help your business get more leads, more sales and more profits.

What have you got to lose? Nothing. It seems you have everything to gain. It’s not too late for you to register! We look forward to seeing you there. Oh … and have some fun!


Engage Your Target Audience with a Captivating Webinar

Engage Your Target Audience with a Captivating Webinar

You’ve got this amazing product or service that vastly improves your clients and prospects world. How do you get this valuable information out there for them and everyone else to see?

You want to deliver the benefits and features of your offering. Show how it tackles relevant challenges within respective industries. But, you want … no, you need … it to be exciting and engaging for your target audience.

The answer? Ah … a webinar!

A webinar is a great way to present your business information to clients, prospects or industry leaders. It’s even a perfect vehicle to position you and your business as a thought-leader.

But, keep in mind, absolutely no one wants to sit through a boring presentation. So, what best engages participants in a webinar? Consider:

• 38% prefer interesting and pertinent content
• 32% prefer a passionate and energetic speaker
• 15% prefer interaction between the speaker and attendee
• 15% prefer visual slides

Now, add all that up, then fold in the following top tips, and you’ve got a winning recipe for a captivating webinar.

Share Relevant Content
It’s vital to share compelling content with your attendees. It must be factual … timely. And, overall, add value to the conversation.

The last thing you want is for people to feel like you’re wasting their time. Time is valuable to each and every one of your attendees, just as it is to you. And, if your information is “just okay,” they’ll likely exit early and disregard your future webinars.

Remember … relevant content informs attendees. That alone inspires them to think about what you have presented. This easily leads to you gaining new customers, partnerships, and more.


Be Passionate

If you really want to inspire people with your webinar, you need to speak with passion when you’re presenting. Your webinar attendees may not be able to see you, but they can hear you. The tone and inflections in your voice are key. If you’re not enthusiastic about your product or service, they won’t be either.

To get your information flowing through the grape vine, you need attendees to be just as excited as you are. Then, they’ll want to share the information with others.

However, while passion and enthusiasm are highly encouraged, you must make sure not to go overboard. You don’t want to scare away anyone.


Interaction, Interaction, Interaction

Did we mention interaction? This is one of the most significant aspects of your webinar. It gives you the opportunity to connect and collaborate with people worldwide. It’s also a perfect approach to get people talking about your subject, then incite them to ask questions. Your attendees may bring up new and valuable points. And these can help you further develop your content and ideas for later webinars.

In addition, when people feel like they’ve contributed to something, they tend to become more involved and excited about it.


After the Event

Finally, it doesn’t end when the webinar ends. After the event, follow up with no-shows and those who just didn’t have time to sit in. Share with them recorded webinar content.

• Post clips on your YouTube channel
• Embed it on your website
• Place clips on your blog
• Include it in prospect nurturing emails

There you have it … the ingredients for a spectacular online presentation. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start planning your next webinar!


Marketopia CEO Terry Hedden to Speak at Autotask Community Live 2015

Marketopia CEO Terry Hedden to Speak at Autotask Community Live 2015

Managed IT services & cloud solutions sales & marketing expert talks about team building strategies and techniques for MSP sales teams to deliver more recurring revenue business

Marketopia, a specialized source of innovative and powerful demand generation, marketing and sales solutions and team training for IT service companies, today announced that Chief Executive Officer Terry Hedden will be speaking at Autotask Community Live (ACL) 2015. Hedden’s presentation entitled “How to Build a Managed IT & Cloud Sales Team that Delivers” begins at 1PM, May 18, 2015, at Trump National Doral in Miami. To check on schedule details, go to

Marketopia, a sponsor at ACL, will exhibit at the annual conference which combines business strategy tracks with product training for IT service providers. Attendees may visit Marketopia at booth #T3. The event starts May 17, 2015, and runs through May 19, 2015.

Hedden’s session for the Managed Services Track will focus on best practices to hire, compensate, manage and inspire a sales team to achieve quota for MSPs. Attendees will leave with an in-depth understanding of how to grow their business using a proven sales methodology and marketing process. Hedden’s talk will explore how his system will ensure pipelines are full and managed IT and cloud services deals can close on a consistent basis.

“The sales profession for managed IT services continues to evolve and grow,” Hedden said. “The objective is to educate attendees about the strategies for team building and how to sell cloud services. This way, they will recognize what it takes to hire the right people and develop a strong sales team. They will also see that with sales and services on the same page, it helps them increase recurring revenue business and allows for better management of client relationships by delivering the best solutions to meet business needs.”

To attend Hedden’s presentation and get more information about IT team building at Autotask Community Live 2015, visit


About Marketopia

Marketopia, The Lead Machine, is a firm uniquely positioned with expertise throughout the entire IT channel from software, hardware and cloud vendors to distributors, MSPs and VARs. The company’s system is based on real-world knowledge. Marketopia uses an enterprise-class technology platform, channel marketing experience and deep industry relationships to create a revolutionary approach to outsourced marketing and sales empowerment for IT service companies seeking to grow leads, sales and profit. For more information about Marketopia and its proven demand generation system for managed IT services, visit the company on the web at To learn more now, call 844.482.4769. Also, to get the latest industry news and trends, go to; like us on Facebook at; follow us on Twitter at; and connect with us on LinkedIn at


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Team Building: Blast on the Beach = Success in the Office

Team Building: Blast on the Beach = Success in the Office

Last week, we shared with you the significance of team-building activities. We revealed the positive effect such office camaraderie can have on your team of employees and your growing business.

As always, Marketopia proudly serves by example!

During this past weekend, we tightly strapped on our competitive, team-building spirit and trekked to the white sands of St. Pete Beach … not too far from our office. For the first time, our team participated in America II Corporate SportsFest, billed as a team building, morale boosting, and “blast on the beach.” No athletic skill necessary. Indeed!


Get Down & Dirty

This annual office Olympics casts itself to be on a mission to enhance and celebrate morale. Create camaraderie and teamwork. And, spotlight company pride across our community. We can attest that it works!

As we mentioned last week, every employee brings beneficial attributes and complementary skillsets to your business. They also can at group activities promoting an effort to work together toward a common goal. In this case, avoid getting wiped out in the white sand and strongly holding our own among more than 200 other local companies.
We think we accomplished just that … in a big way!


At SportsFest, our team members put each of their skills to the test in three different events:

• Beach Volleyball
• Beach Dodgeball
• Surf & Turf, a relay race across both the Gulf of Mexico shore and beach

Some of our team skillsets were sturdier than others. But, ultimately, Marketopia came out victorious. While we didn’t place among the best in beach dodgeball and the relay race (we still had a blast, though), we did place third in the beach volleyball competition.

And, so much more.

“It was so much fun competing at SportsFest,” says Stephanie Troya, marketing coordinator and design team member at Marketopia. “But, I think my favorite part was just being able to relax, hang out and get to know everyone better.”



Results Are In

With the physical challenge behind us and the memories forever with us, we took some time to recently reflect on a handful of the benefits we are now enjoying thanks to our competitive collaboration. Consider:

• Research shows informal conversations outside of a formal environment are the most important aspect for team success. That’s because the energy and engagement of these informal interactions account for one third of the differences in productivity between groups. (MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory Researchers)
• Of course, participation in activities like SportsFest are the perfect opportunity for your employees to relax and get to know one another.
• Finally, another key to team success involves maintaining a balanced team of men and women. That’s because companies with women onboard tend to be better performers and there’s more “mutual monitoring.” That ensures everyone pulls their own weight! (Credit Suisse Analysis)

All that being said, when it comes to the success of your company’s team, it’s crucial to (1) establish a balance of men and women, and (2) be sure employees are given the opportunity to carry on casual conversations to build relationships that continue outside of the workplace.

“I had a blast at SportsFest, and I know the rest of my team did, too,” says Shaun Vaccaro, sales team member at Marketopia. “There is definitely a lighter vibe in the office and working together seems more enriching.”

Without doubt, Marketopia put into effect both those tactics at SportsFest. Now, we’re well on our way to maintain development of a strong set of skills incorporated into our workplace. How about you?